Thursday, January 17, 2013

{SPS} Bio-Essence Bio Spring Water + Giveaway

Have you heard?
There's a New Product that has 20 Effects on Our Face, Body & Hair?

Let me tell you about the Nio Essence Miracle Bio Spring Water!
Its no Normal Tap Water hor! Here's the Commercial by Pretty Linda Chung. :)

I have seen the TV Commercial countless of times on TV and I have been skeptical about 
buying it because it seems too good to be true! lol.
But I was so Happy when I was Sponsored this to try it out for myself!

So Well, The Brochure says that there would be visible results after the first 5 Minutes already so I had to do a experiment myself! If you bought it from the retail store and do not see any effects, You can exchange it after 3 days! Bio Essence is so Confident of their product ^o^

*beware, this post is full of a almost makeup less face*

This is my Before Face... Uneven eyelids, Big Nose Blah Blah Blah.. lol.

Time for some Miracle Water! ^o^

I think my head is slanted or its just that my picture of my head is slanted. That's why the line looks slanted for the next 2 pictures. lol.

Isit Just my hallucination? But I really think that my face became slightly slimmer,
my eye bags are lighter and my skin is brighter? :)

So, I no need to do a exchange because I have seen the effects of it on my first try! YAY!
The Bio-essence Bio Spring Water comes in 3 Different sizes. 300ml, 100ml and 25ml. 
(sorry for the error in the picture! ><)
I bought the twin pack of 300ml at Unity for $31.50 (U.P 57.80) because its DAMN worth it!
Usual price is $28.90 for 1 300ml bottle, And the reason I bought it is also that I really felt the difference and My Oily face did not Oil so much after the spray. 

So, Of course I would not be selfish with the Miracle Water, So Here's 3 bottles of 25ml Travel Sized 
Bio-Essence Bio Spring Water for Giveaway! 3 Winners ! YAY! *Throws Confetti*

So How do you win a Bottle of the Miracle Bio Water?
3 Simple Steps:
2. Like me on Facebook.
3. Comment with your Name & email to Qualify!

Easy Right? So Start Clicking and Typing now~!
Giveaway Ends 29th January 2013, 20.13pm. ^^
Good Luck and Cheers for Miracle Bio Water! ♠