Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Collin's Grill & Bento

Hello Marshmallows! ^o^
Today I'm going to introduce a place to you which offers Cheap &
 Good Western & Japanese Food! Hooray~

Block 203 Toa Payoh North, Diagonally Opposite SPH,
Its the only Coffee Shop there with this Banner! :D

This is the Shop Front, I know it looks like a normal "Just another Western Food Stall"

Teriyaki Chicken & Fried Chicken Bento Set

Grilled Prawns with Aglio Olio!
Their Aglio Olio is a Must Try!! :)

Fried Chicken Chunks with Rice.
Just Normal..

Normal Mushroom Soup..

Lamb Chop with Aglio Olio.
Mmmm The Lamb Chop! ♥-♥

Garlic Bread. Looks abit.... *coughs*

Dessert: Tiramisu.
Do not even order it unless you wish to have just a slice of Cold Ice Creamy Cake. LOL.

The Total Bill Came up to less than $45! 
Which I think its Quite worth it for the quality of the food.
Do head down to try it if you are around that area or if you already know about this,
DAMN YOU! LOL, just kidding! heh.