Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Just a Simple post on how i spent my Christmas Eve last year! Hahaha!
I was thinking of doing a different look so I did some lip tattoo & 
OH BOY Did I get Much Attention on my lips! :3

So I met up with my cousin and my sister and we went to Marche for the First Time! 
& we sat a my new friend, Mr Cow :)

Tried Rosti for the first time, I feel so Sinful because its all potatoes BUT Its SOOOOOOOOOOOO Good with the sour cream! ♥

We also ordered a Crepe as I'm a sucker for crepes >< But this was GOOOOOOOD! 
Love the flavour of Turkey Breast and the Cranberry Sauce. Ommmmmmmm.

Then We also tried the Gratin with salmon in it. It's much like a Baked Pasta Dish :)
Yummy Too! Cheesy~~ 

Okay, So a Simple Short Post on my Christmas Eve :)
I received alot of presents but I was too lazy to post up all my presents ><
So May we all have a Blessed & Happy New Year!