Saturday, January 5, 2013

Freshkon Dezigner Lens


Want more Alluring Eyes? Want colour contacts that make your eyes stand out?
I have a answer for you!

I won a pair of FreshKon Dezigner Series - Aqua Solitaire through their youtube video contest!
And I was so happy that I won it! So here's how it looks like on my Eyes!

This lens is Super Soft I Swear!
It has a massive 55% water content which makes it comfortable for the eyes.
But my personal experience is that after about 4-5 hours of wearing, my eyes start to feel dry but not tired,
Maybe I should remember to bring my eye drops out! ><

Although it only has a normal diameter of 14.2mm, I feel that it does make your eyes look more attractive!
I'm guessing that its the design on the lens that is creating the whole "LOOK AT MY EYES" look. lol.

They come in Pink, Aqua, Orange & Green
The new Dezigner range from FreshKon cosmetic contact lenses offers you exciting opportunities to redesign your eyes. Create your signature look with FreshKon Dezigner lenses and get that fabulous, unique and sassy look.
The power ranges from -0.00D all the way to -10.00D

So hurry down to your nearest optometrist to get a pair of FreshKon DeZigner Lens now!
And you can Act Ang Moh if you want with these lens!! ♥