Friday, February 15, 2013

Haul from Sasa & Uni Qlo

Hey Everyone! Hows Your Chinese New Year Visiting So Far?
Most of  you confirm start work and start school already right!? lol. Me Too. -.-
 So Anyway, here's a small update on what I bought at SASA that day with my Mummy and my Sist.

b.liv Mask Pack!
This packaging i think is from christmas one. LOL.
Anyway quite worth it cos inside got 5 mask at below $20!
Why worth it? Because b.liv's masks are good right? :O

*Value Pack* Sally Hansen Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover.

Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask from SKINLITE.
I have discover the useful-ness of hand masks! All please go buy some and use to have smooth hands. lol.
Or Buy for your Mama also can, since she always do housework right? Pamper yi xia la! ^^

My mama bought this PUPA Diva's Kit Which include a Mascara and a Pencil Eyeliner.
AND GOT FREE Pouch! haha. *Free Gifts*

I bought 2 Perfumes this year because I could not decide on which one to get. lol.
Both Smell Super Nice one! I have smelled over 20 perfumes that  day and I finally filter down to these 2. LOL, If not I would have bought many more! haha! I love Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume because the floral scent is not too strong and it's not as strong as my existing Chanel No. 5. The YSL Baby Doll is a sweeter scent but no too sweet like syrup like that also. Hahaha! And Since there was Discount, I bought Both! ^^

So the lady who served us gave us free samples! I was just looking at the Ferragamo's Incanto Perfume Then She Passed Me The Sample!!! OMG ! She can read my mind. LOLOL!

I also went to Uni Qlo to satisfy my Hello Kitty Craving Again. Lol.
At First I never go in Uni Qlo 1, but becos i saw their jeans on offer so i went in to try, BUT THEN, I saw the cutesy female section and I Spotted Many Many Cute Tops with Hello Kitty, My Melody, 
Little Twin Star Prints, HOW TO RESIST? Hahahaha! So I went to Grab 2 pieces to try and finally decided on these 2. The one on he left was love at first sight. LOLOL! The one on the right was a decision made last minute because i couldn't decide if i wanna pay $24.90 for it, But I guess Hello Kitty Helped Me Decide already! lol. So $49.80 for both CUTESY WOOTSY Tops! ♥

And When I Reached home and wash up and blah blah blah, My sist passed me my Belated Christmas Present! YAY !!! Its a Cat Ear Beanie! WOOHOO! Hahaha, I know this picture does not show anything except my rebonded hair and a beanie looking thing, LOLOL. But Im sure I will Take more pictures with it soon! Stay Tune!

Hows Your Chinese New Year Thus Far? :)
Confirm got alot of ang pows already right ?
Confirm Got Gamble Abit Right ?
Don't say never gamble la, Unless you are like below 13 years old. LOL.
But My Niece who is 8 this year also gamble and win money already. Hahaha!
Jiayou !! 9 More Days to Gamble and go Visiting to Collect More Ang Pows!! ♥-♥