Monday, September 30, 2013

Kiseki Japanese Buffet at The Central, Somerset

Having heard so much about Kiseki Buffet, I finally had the chance to try it out when my ex-colleagues arranged my farewell Dinner there! Thank you dearies! ♥

Kiseki is hard to miss with its brightly lighted signboard and the Signature Sumo right below it.
I didn't have time to snap a picture with it and I was brought in with the rest of them.

On the way in, my eyes would not stop scanning around. Counters & counters of Salads, Sashimi, Cooked Food, Grilled Food and

Sushi that refills on its own almost immediately!

Hot Steamy Yummy Oden and Chawanmushi

What I had: These are just a few of the plates I took! Im spoilt for choices! 

Then comes Desserts.. My Favourite Part of the Buffet.

I would say Kiseki Is Definitely Worth the price to visit again with the wide variety, but the MOST WORTHY Price would be their Weekday Lunch! Similar Spread at a Much Cheaper Price! :)

Note: I went on a Friday Evening! :)

With Love, M