Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{SPS} Vita Hair - Hottest Product in Hong Kong

Do you have hair loss problems that have been disturbing you for the longest time since you started noticing it?

Do you want to know of a Wonderful product that will help you gain back your former glorious days with a head of healthy hair?

Introducing to you the HOTTEST Hair Supplement in Hong Kong, Vita Hair!

What is Vita Hair?
Herbal formula to halt hair loss and greying. With each packaging containing 90 Capsules, suitable for 1 month dosage, they are the first Oral Hair Supplement that I have come across.

Hair loss and graying are seen as signs of aging, yet frequently they can strike in early adulthood. Hair growth is affected by our hormones, which can be easily upset by factors such as menopause or pregnancy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, deficiencies in the blood can also take a heavy toll on hair’s health. Vita Hair can also restore graying hair to its original color by stimulating the cells that produce pigmentation. 

I believe that personal wellness also depend on the individual, taking note of what we consume and not just relying on Health Supplements. We can take supplements to Aid in our journey to a better self right? :)
Proper packaging is a must for me when it comes to any product i buy, especially those i am going to consume. :) Vita Green has a protective seal over the opening of the bottle to ensure the safety of the product. 

I am usually skeptical about health supplements that claim to be effective and will show results in short period of time. Upon receiving Vita Hair for review, I decide to give it a try after reading about it.

Recommended consumption amount will be 3 capsules in a day over a course of 3 - 6 Month for each individual to be able to start seeing results.

Improves blood circulation and nutrient supply to the hair follicles, regulates hormones and strengthens the kidneys to restore colour and thickness to thin, greying hair.

Vita Hair helps to halt hair loss and graying of the hair with a blend of potent herbs formulated according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These improve nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulate hormones and strengthen the kidneys.

If you are interested to find out more about Vita Hair, Head over to their website here and you can also purchase this Top selling product now! It was SOLD OUT within 2 months of it's launch in Hong Kong!

With Love, M