Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Contest

Since the Korean Fever hit our shores, everything related is becoming popular. Korean Music, Korean Food, Korean Culture and Korean Make-Up. Korean Make-Up, also known as Ulzzang Make-Up to some, is something which makes one look and feel like a flawless beauty. And The Term Ulzzang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking".

Mentholathum Acnes has come up with a contest to find the Ultimate Ulzzang In Singapore and here are the Top 10 Finalist! Support my Friends Kife, Hellven and Caroline! You have 3 votes a day, you can rotate your vote so that you vote for everyone. :)

Two of these 10 Ulzzangs will get to fly to KOREA FOR FREE! YES! So Please Vote Wisely!
But there are also goodies for the voters as well la, so It's a Win Win Situation. :)

And Of Course, you yourself can win something too! 3 of Acnes Medicated Skincare Singapore's Instagram Follower will stand a chance to win a Polaroid! Simple Steps to follow.

So Start Posting and You might just win a Polaroid Camera or a pair of Movie Tickets! ^^

With Love, M