Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[F.T] MadJack Food Tasting - Are we Getting Mad?

Have you heard of Mad Jack Cafe ? Or Have you ever walked past a shop with this peculiar name but have never stepped in for many reasons ? Well, Fear not, I am here today to clear your doubts about this weird shop that is said to serve Australian Style Food Items! :)

1.French Vanilla Latte - $6.90 Sweetness of the Vanilla infused with just the right amount of Caffine, making it a crowd favourite. 
2.Brain Stimulator - $4.50 Blended with fresh orange, pear, lemon & apple, this fruit juice taste just like normal fruit juice but with all the beneficial content! 
3.Fruit of the Forest - $6.90 A smoothie made with many berries like strawberries, blueberries & raspberries! It is Sour and I feel that It's Great to give you a boost for the start of a meal! 
4.MAD JACK Sling - $5.90 Slinging its way though with orange, pineapple & soda, this concoction taste like a normal cup of juice, nothing fantastic.. 
5.Double Fudge Mocha - $6.90 Not a fan of the Double Fudge Mocha but I must say it is a Must Order for all Chocolate Lovers! ^^

Extreme Blue Mountains Beef Burger - $13.90
Tallest Burger you can find in town with patties made from minced beef, ensuring the juiciness of the meat with the layers of Cheese, Pineapples, Tomato and Buns, This is definitely a challenge to anyone.

A: Crispy Butterfly Prawns
B: Soft Shell Crab
C: Fried Mushrooms

Not Enough Cheese in my opinion la, But Still Enjoyable. :)

Swan River Chick - $13.90
You would have guessed that This dish is just a roasted Chicken Thigh and the sauce is Black Pepperish Sauce Right? WRONG! Well you are Half Right. The Sauce is a special homemade sauce from MadJack that is Sure to set this dish aside from other Roasted Chicken. 

Grilled Barramundi - $19.90
Hmm, What Do I say, It is a choice for "fish over chicken anytime" people. 

Spaghetti with Sambal Seafood - $11.90
While Pasta is not their Niche, Mad Jack Serves Up a Very Local Tasting Pasta Dish, Incorporating Sambal Flavours into the pasta, But Making it taste like Chilli Crab without the Omph Spiciness. The Seafood included in this pasta is Fresh and not Stingy at all.

Lamb Rack - NEW!
Point to note when ordering, please make sure that you inform the service staff of the done-ness of the lamb.

Wild Boy Banana Crumble - $5.90
Banana Lovers, JUST GO FOR THIS ONE! :) Warm Banana Crumble with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana Slices drizzled with Caramel Sauce.

Banana Craze - $6.90
What else can I say? It's 1 HUGE Fried Banana with 2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream Drizzled with Chocolate Sauce. It is one of the better Goreng Pisang I have had recently.

Pavlova - $6.90
I have fallen in love with this chewy crunchy textured Australian Dessert. Topped with Fresh Fruits and Chocolate Sauce Scribblings at the side, It is the 1 dessert that I crave for MORE! But please do be concious that it has a high sugar content! ^o^

Apple Pie
Nothing to shout about their Apple Pie, Although I love the Crumbly Top.

Chocolate Lava Cake 
Oozing Warm Chocolate Lava, The Soft & almost Chewy Cake goes really well with everything on the plate. Made with Preimum Chocolate and Special Homemade Cake Recipe, This Cake is something we all can Enjoy and feel guilty later. Haha.

Over All, My Experience with MADJACK Cafe has been a pleasant one. 
Craving for more for some of the items on the menu, I can't wait to go back!
Hope you will enjoy your dining experience there as much as I did. :)

Picture Credit: Jasmine Victorina

Ending off with a picture of the Pavlova again. ITS SO YUMMY!

With Love, M