Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jason X Jason on LOLToggle

You have heard of The Battle of the Sexes, 
But Have you heard about the Battle of the Jasons? :)
Today, we have Jason Chan & Jason Godfrey on LOLToggle to Battle it out which is the better Jason.

They are competitive from the start, from talking about what they used to do(before entering the entertainment industry) to what they have been through in this industry to their personal life stories. 
Can you guess who had a more exciting Life so far? :)

Well Well, Jason Godfrey Treated us to his Sexy Leg Hair while talking about his role in Channel 5's new series Mata Mata. There are not many guys who will willingly show their Leg Hair on National TV Right?

Can You guess What is Jason Godfrey Happy about? :)
This Segment where they have the trumpet in their hands, they are to answer questions after they press on the trumpet. And Boy, are these 2 Jasons Competitive.. Haha.

Nearer to the end of the Segment, the Jasons decided to discuss each question's Answers first and they each will answer a Different answer, to see who scores a point then. Hahaha. Such Cuties.

Then we have Naomi from Benefit Brow Bar to tell us more about the Brow Services they have.

And she did a Live Demo on the model to show us how the brow specialist creates a unique brow for everyone. No 2 person will have the Exact Perfect Brow, well, unless you want to have the same brow as your friend then that's totally up to you. :)

And On The Music Segment, LOL Never fails to amaze me with the amazing music talents!
This Episode, we have The King Kong Jane! :)

This Group of Boys are so loyal to each other, Staying together as a band Since University Times!
They have been creating music together for the longest time and their friendship is something we can all look up to. :)

Giving their all in the live performance in front of a all ladies audience sure made them feel a little pressured right? But nonetheless, they gave us a earful of their wonderful performance! :)

Great Job Guys! & Thank you for the CD! ^^

With Love, M