Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bangkok Day 3 !

HEYYYYYYYYYY Readers! Haha, now is my time to show you my 3rd day adventures in Bangkok!
So, on the 3rd day morning, Because I got the timing mixed up and we woke up 1 hour early, therefore I decided to go up to the Bangkok Gallery to snap some pictures!

Haha, now ending the gallery section with a awkward face of me with those tourist-sy backdrop.

Then I went down to meet my other group members and we headed out for our planned trip to visit thai budda temples! But first, lets fill up our tummies!! YUMMY ROADSIDE FOOD!


-Walking along the streets-

To a 4 faced buddha temple, Open space one! FULL OF PEOPLE!

After praying at the buddha, we went for 2nd round of breakfast at Macdonalds!!
Just take a look at their menu, something we will never have...

After MCD Breakfast, we went to visit yet another Super Big/Grand/Atas Buddha Temple !! The Buildings are all so exquisite!!


Super Pretty Rose!! Love the bright sunlight in BKK!

After the temple Visit, we took a cab to MBK, a.k.a MABOOONKONG~ Hahaha, idk how to spell it !

Time for some lunch! I Swear Thailand have some yummy pig trotters and Phad Thai!!!

AND............. MANGO STICKY RICE!!!!!

After Lunch, we went around shopping for 3 hours! and after that, we went to Swensens for Desserts! & This branch only sells desserts!!!?

After walking around MBK, we went back to our hotel~ Super Shag! So I went up to the Gallery again to snap some pictures~ :)

That's All My Dear Readers! That's the end of my BKK Trip! Have you enjoyed it?
Haha, hope you have enjoyed it like I did! 

& I love you all for reading my blog! I shall Organize a Giveaway soon? 
How's the feeling about that? :D