Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bangkok Day 2! Special Visit to a special Someone!

Hello my dear readers! Here's my 2nd Day in Bangkok Post!
Let me link you from my day 1 post! After shopping at NaRaYa, I went back to hotel and washed up and prepared to go queue up to meet a special someone. At the time it was about 1a.m SG Time! OMG!
Haha, then I took a comfy minivan on a 2 hour road trip to go queue up to meet him. We are the 2nd to arrive ! Super lucky! And then we had our own time to sleep until 6.30a.m where somebody is to come out to give out number plates according to our car queue! BUT! HOW TO SLEEP WITHOUT THE AIR CON in a forest!? Oh God, it was so stuffy and michhy couldn't get to sleep at all! But I was being a sweet girlf to my boyf. -winkwink-

Okay, enough words, Show you some pictures after we went in to continue queuing!
-The Place-

-Now You know who i went to met-

-Artsy Shot of the decorations-

-Our all time favourite TUA PEK GONG-
Look at how smiley he is!!

-Cock a Doodle Da Doo-
This Cock is just standing on this table for the longest time for me to snap pictures! Haha, model quality.

While waiting to see the Bai Long Wang, we went to have some simple breakfast that was prepared for us!
Look at the cute You Tiao!! :D

After about another 1 hour plus of waiting to meet the bai long wang, it was finally our turn and poor bai long wang was coughing non stop so he had to take a rest in between. Such a kind uncle doing this for all his faithful followers. -salutes-

Then after that we went to another thailand temple to take a look and also a more chinese temple which look more like what we have in singapore!

Dont you find it irritating that all thailand temples are so pretty that no matter how you take them also pretty one? Hahahahaha!

Now take a look at the chinese temple!

Look at the amount of people! O.O

Then there were some LIVE Cows outside the temple area! HOW COOL! & Smelly~!


Hahaha, After that! Its Shopping heaven, Chatuchak Time! But first, you need to fill up your tummy!

We went to the hawker Opposite Chatuchak market to have our lunch and OHGOD, its my first time having Thai Iced Tea there! And the local Thai FOOD! OMGOMGOMG!

Look like Kuay Chup But it is Braised Pork Knuckles! Super love Bangkok Pork Knuckles!

This is their Kuay Chup on the Right, Got Pig's Blood!

Their Fried Oyster is crispy one hor!

Then come some Pork Intestine soup or what, WITH PIG's BLOOD Again! Hahaha !

Cooling Thai Coconut to Cool off your day!

& I love how traditional their coca cola bottle is!

Look at the Spread!!

Here's a solo shot for my first cup of Thai Iced Tea~! Im in love with it!

After Lunch, Time to take a walk in their wet market! They sell all sorts of things! Crispy Roast Pork!

Colourful Desserts!

Custard Apples! My first time trying too! Taste Just like sweet soursop! Must try!

Thailand Durian with super long stalks! & If you walk up close enough, you will see that the durians look like fake ones! Looks Hard & Dry, not like the ones in singapore!

& So, if you are trying to get to chatuchak by taking their MRT, Please alight at this stop okay? :)

Look at their Post Box! Red & Cute!

& WE FINALLY REACHED !! CHATUCHAK!!!! Please bear in mind its a Weekend Market, So only Saturday & Sunday!

Randome Cute Doggie Spotted in chatuchak! With Shoes sommore!

Okay, after taking picture of this doggie, I kept my Camera in my bag and i started my shopping journey! Hahahaha! So I nv took any pictures until When it was time to go home, I saw this very cute shop, okay, actually not very cute la!

Ready ?

Tadaaaaaa, you can be obama or who ever here! Just get whatever face you want and be a FAKER! LOL! Sound so rude! Lols! & Look at the bottom left pirate, it is the Shop owner ley!

& if you are in the mood to take bus, Go ahead!

Then to continue my Shopping Spree, I went to the Platinum Fashion Mall! It's just a stone throw away from my hotel, Baiyoke Sky Hotel!
Tip to shop at Platinum Fashion Mall, Go attack 1 shop with your friends because the more you buy the MORE DISCOUNT you get! So Buy more Save More!!

& So the first and last picture i Snapped of this fashion mall is this shop selling all thailand-ly culture stuffs. Look at the amount of wooden figurines! Hahaha. and then I went shopping crazy buying 3 shorts and 2 tops! within 2 hours ? Because Im big in size and the clothes there are more suitable for people who are of size UK 4-10 ):

After Shopping, we were Fungry! So we went to the Chinatown in Bangkok for some sharkfin! Look at the pretty lighted signboards! Reminds me of old shanghai! Right!?

-insert artsy blur photo-

See! They all look so Hong Kong-ish!

Then I have reached my destination! Shark Fin & Bird Nest Available!!

Are You Ready To Feast Your Eyes ? :D

Hahaha! This was just some of the food we had!! Super filling Meal and Super Cheap! You all want the address of the place can tweet me or comment on this post!

After dinner we went to walk around Chinatown and this is where all the people buy their local products back to singapore! Famous Brand called "Lin Zhen Xiang" !

Look at their old fashioned shop !

& Then of course, which Singaporean would not buy roasted chestnuts for a after meal snack? Hahahaha! Super Yummy Too!! ^o^


Hahaha, Thats Finally all of my 2nd day in Bangkok! My apologies for not posting this up sooner! Now i will go work on my 3rd & last day of my trip in Bangkok! Hope you liked it! :)