Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Omy Blogger Event! The Dark Knight Rises with Domino!

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Yes! You Have Seen it in the title of this post!
I HAVE ATTENDED MY FIRST BLOGGER EVENT! OMG *jump around like some monkey*
Hahaha, okay, enough about me jumping around. 

So, with the exclusive tie-up of Domino Pizza with the movie "The Dark Knight Rises", Domino has come up with yet another fantastic flavor of pizza to add to their First Class Collection! Call the "MEATASAURUS" ! Hahaha, Sound so like me right ? Michhysaurous --> Meatasaurus --> Michhysaurous --> Meatasaurus. LOL! Okay Stop! Why is it First Class you ask? Because it is packed with Premium ingredients such as 50% MORE Beef Pepperoni, DOUBLE Portions of Juicy Ground Beef & TRIPLE portions of the freshest Garden Mushrooms! Served on their new smoky Blended BBQ Sauce,Blended with a Tomato Twist, Seriously, WHO CAN RESIST THIS PIZZA? *Unless you are a Vegetarian, then Im sorry about that!*

& With Every Purchase of Meatasaurus, it will be served to you in this Super Cool Box Specially designed for the Meatasaurus Pizza! You can request them to use super little glue on the box so that you can keep the pizza box as a souvenir, If you want.

& Not only were we treated with the New Meatasaurus, we even had a chance to taste the many different flavors of pizza! This is the Chilli Chicken Pizza! I would recommend this Pizza to anyone out there who loves Chicken and a little bit of 
spicy-ness in your Pizza! & Eat it with the super thin crust to ensure you enjoy the most of the pizza without feeling too bloated!!

Of Course, Whats PIzza without some Finger Food! Domino Pizza Also Offers Jumbo Wings! 4pc or 6pc, BBQ, HOT or HONEY! Pick your favourite!  

& Onion Rings! I know we are all in LOVE with Onion Rings Right ? Say YES! :D 

& also, these are Crazy Chicky Crunchies! Super Yummy with their Special Sauce, Definately will cause a Bomb In your Mouth! :D

Flowing With Passion, The Fantastic Chocolate Lava Cake! *deng deng deng!*

Just Look At It! Look at the Yummy-licious Chocolate Lava oozing out! You know you want to grab some now! Hahahaha!

Hahaha, So are you jealous of me now? Fear Not! You can enjoy the same yummy goodies at a SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE!

For $25, You Get:
1 Regular Meatasaurus Pizza
1 Garlic Cheese Onion Rings
1 Twisty Bread or Lava cake

So What are you waiting for? Head Down to The Domino PIzza Website now to get your Meatasaurus Pizza Now in the Super Awesome Looking Box with The Limited Edition Glass and a Super Yummy Chocolate Lava Cake! So Many "Ho Kang Tao" (Good Deals), Why are you not moving your fingers Yet?

Huh, What did you say? You are outside and not using a computer?

Domino Pizza Singapore Has Just Launched their Iphone Application!
Go Search for "Domino SG" in the app store and you are ready to make your order for your hungry tummy! 

So I would like to Thank & Domino Pizza for organizing this wonderful event and allowing me to enjoy myself and at the same time meet many new friends!

***I would like to apologize for the SUPER LOUSY QUALITY Pictures that I have posted on this blogpost, I have no idea what happened to my camera which caused the pictures to look horrible, & I apologize to my pretty blogger friends whom I have taken picture with using my camera, I can't post them up because its too Lousy already ! ):