Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random little things in my life :)

Hello my dear readers! 
So sorry ! I have not post up my day 2, 3 & 4 posts of bangkok! Please bear with me as there are too many rubbish pictures that I took, so i must filter and filter first before I post up on my blog ^o^

But for now, let me update you guys abit about what's happening around in my life.
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This is me trying out my floral headband in my pajamas before i head to bed on a random night!

Here's My latest set of nails that I did with The Face Shop nail polish!

And also my toe nails! Bling Bling Gold!

How many of you have played this as a child? #Childhood

& I saw this at TPY NTUC, Grumpy Chocolate Flavoured Caramel Corn! :D

& its the time of the day, where you just need a break!

& My Haul from The Face Shop for Under $100 after special discounts! :)
There is a award winning BB Cream, Loose powder, Nail polish, nail art pen in white, Eye mask, Free Samples of toner and moisturiser directly from korea, not available for sale in SG! Hahas ! Jealous Yet ? :P

But after all the shopping and working, sometimes we just need to take a little break, and take a look up the sky. Sometimes many things in life can be broken up into smaller pieces so that they are easier to be attacked! :D

Just a random insert of a Flag of Norway! Awesomeness.

Random insert picture of myself without any eye make up but with the BB Cream i bought! Yay to pretty skin, Ney to eyebags >:(

My Lady Boss's Elder Daughter came to office since she's on her school holidays now! 

Le Pepper Crab I had With my family!

It's been a long time since I've had dinner with my whole family member together, because of my working life, i always eat alone or dabao food home.
Sometimes I wish can don't work, but that will be very irresponsible of me! Hahaha, This is life I guess :) Lets face everyday with a smile ! No sad faces okays !

Goodbye, Please wait for my Bangkok trip post, which will be up soon!!