Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bangkok Day-1 !

SA WA DEE KA~~ Sa Bai Dee My Dear Readers? :)

Hahaha, So sorry for the lame shit Thai Starting on this post. Im still having the Bangkok Fever Up till now!
Well, this trip to Thailand is also my First Time on a aeroplane~ ! HOW AWESOME IS THIS ? 
-feel so loved after living for 20 years-

So here are some snapshots of the place after I CHECK IN ! -jumps in excitement-

Just Heck my face~ Im too excited to make any pretty expressions ! 

Im heading to Gate C26 ! Which is ALL THE WAY IN! 

You see it ? You see it ? I know I see it !

My Flight ! Yay ! Bangkok Im coming

Le view while walking to board my plane! SQ, I will sit in you 1 DAY! You just wait~!

Plane! Im coming ! I see you !!



First Camwhore Shot on the Plane! Idk what is that face that im showing.. -.-

Hello to my Flight Mates!

Hello My Flight Attendants!

& OFF I GO ! YAY! I swear I was like a little Kid who is all excited over their first plane ride.

& Then we flew so high we went into the clouds!

AND then over the clouds ! OMG OMG OMG !

Look at all you tiny people downthere! LOLS !

Finally, After 2 hours in the plane, I have reached my destination, BANGKOK! 

Look at their Fashion Mall Advertisement, (look at the model on the right, she has a headache i guess) lol

Some Welcoming Decorations for tourist like me! Hahahaha!

Same Travellator, but their's is so much longer!

My baggage claim belt was belt 22! LETS GO !

Queue up to CHOP Passport ! hahaha ! feel like as if we are going Malaysia. LOL.

First view I took with my camera of Bangkok ! lol, nothing special.

We took a cab from the airport to our hotel. Man it was difficult to get a cab big enough to fit our luggage !
Luckily we got a bigger cab and off we go!

Look at my stylo driver, Talking on the phone without a earpiece, he says that they dont need it in Thailand!

The first thing I love about thailand is their colourful Taxis ! hahaha!

Just some random views i took on the way to my hotel, it was a 40 min journey yo!

Hahaha, then I got bored of taking the view, I take a picture of myself ! Im saying Hi from thailand!! :)

The interior of my Taxi, look high class anot ? hahaha!

Then my taxi had to pass by this custom looking thing...

& he even had to pay money! 

Then as we are getting nearer to my hotel, i see lots of streetside food, I couldn't wait to try them !!

Then I've reached my Hotel ! The tallest building in Bangkok! Can you guess what it is ? :)

The damn lobby is on the 18th floor!

Pretty Nice Place :)

Look at their 7-11 ! Its called FAMILY MART! Awwwww.

Huge ass Mirror, Camwhore abit !

Reception Area..

Let me show you the view from the Lobby, 18th Floors!

Look at this cool rainbow building! Its Baiyoke Suite Hotel! *hint hint, my hotel also Baiyoke something*

Then we head down for a walk & shop ! Look! There is a night market just below my Hotel, AWESOME!

Then we walked past the Platinum Fashion Mall, But It was closed already! LOL!

Then while we were on our way to our destination, we saw many people having their meal at a road side stall. Look at the crowd !! All enjoying their food in Bliss.

Then when we reached our destination, I saw Pretty Thai Buddha ! They were placed outside the Shopping mall and there are people praying sincerly there ! I guess they are there to bless everyone in the shopping mall so that they have a sound mind and will not over spend. LOL! Anyhow only me!

Then we were hungry & we found this Japanese Restaurant called ZEN.

& There is a All you can eat Buffet at only 399 Bhat NETT ! OMG ! That's like $16 per person ? Where to find this price in Singapore? OH I LOVE BANGKOK!

Now take a look around the restaurant.

Look at our Tatami Seating Area!

Then its time to ATTACK the food!

Just look at all the pretty colours!!

Yummy Miso Soup that is not too saltish! :)

Grilled food that is made to order. Served pipping hot!

Just look at our table! & Its not about half the amount of food we had! :P

And of course, Fruits after a meal to digest everything down! Super sweet watermelons!

Group Photo ! Look at all the Happy Faces! :)

After Dinner, we went to walk around the 80% closed mall! We saw this bright and attractive shop!

Look at all the Cheap and Cool Stuffs!

& Look at those killer heels! So 2ne1 Style I would say! -Blackjack-

Then as we walked down to level 1, there were many vintage cars on display! OMGOMGOMG!

And they all look so shiny, wtf!

Hahaha, enough of cars! Then we manage to find a shop that all ladies must go when we visit bangkok! The NARAYA shop!

Just look at all the pretty bags in all shapes, colours and sizes! MAJOR LOVE!

But I didn't get the bag I wanted so I left with a SAD face, like this >>> )))):
Hahahaha! Okay, That Marks the end of my super long ass post on my first day in bangkok! Although its only like 5-6 hours but I manage to snap up 100 plus photos already for this post! LOLS! 
I cant imagine my day 2, day 3 & day 4 posts! OH MOTHER OF GOD.