Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My JB trip: Day 1


So, I went to malaysia for 3 Days, and heres Day 1 :D

This was my look of the day, Tee shirt with Jeans Shorts and slippers with my Vintage Bag :)

Went to meet my aunt and cousins at woodlands Bus interchange to take bus 950 into Malaysia.

Look at how packed the bus is!

And then, while waiting for people to board the bus, its camwhore time :)

Then we reached Singapore Custom...

Then Malaysia Customs, we Snapped a Picture at the Big Ass Mirror There, and after that we were thinking *what if there is somebody behind this mirror wall? Then cfm Paiseh MAX!*

Then Continue to Camwhore since we waiting for our aunts :)
This is my Cousin Julene, she's 2 years younger than me BUT taller than me, #FML

Then we walked to City Square from the Malaysia Custom, So easy one!
We Decided to eat Seoul Garden But we had to wait because it was full house, so we went to walk walk around first.

First we went to this pretty apparel shop with pretty clothes and pretty shoes!

Then we saw this shop which had their clothes hanged on a automated thing thing which will display the clothes one by one in a circular motion. LOL #badatexplainingthings


And we bought Bubble Gum! #deprivedofitinsingapore

Then we went back to seoul garden to eat!*Hungry*

These 3 Ladies are: Aldaynez, Julene & Rachel(KPOP FAN)

Then its GiGi & Me! I look fat in all these pictures. #FML ):

Then after that........... CHIONG For the food ah!

The Uncooked Meats Platter :)

Uncooked put-in-the-soup-things Platter

Uncooked Meat Platter Again!

Cooked Food Section, Keropoks, Nuggets, Otah Popiah, Chicken Fried Rice, Mee Goreng..

OMG, I have to tell you all something! I LOVE THE HEART SHAPED NUGGETS! OMG OMG OMG!
I remember the last time I had it was when I was in Primary School! LIKE HOW MANY YEARS AGO MAN! I was Super Excited when I saw the Nuggets and I kept going back to the Cooked Food Section to Get Them! LOL 

See, Aren't They Cute ? <3

Random Picture of the grill, Its like a must take picture when I go Seoul Garden to dine. LOL.

More Reasons Why Asia Loves Seoul Garden <3

Then of course, Christmas Season = Got Christmas Trees = Must take picture of it! :D

Aldaynez & Christmas Tree..

Me & Christmas Tree..

My Mommy & Christmas Tree..

Julene & Christmas Tree..

Another Shot with Christmas Tree..

Conclusion of Seoul Garden Malaysia:
Marinated Uncook Meat are a tad Salty, Idk why!
Overall: 3.5/5 :)

Then after Lunch, we continue to walk around City Square, Since we have not been there for like 12345678 years, LOL. Went To the toilet, With Nice lighting = Camwhore. HAHAHA!

Tagged: Julene's Fingers

Then we went to this cute shop and Aldaynez found this Super Cute Top But Also Not Very Cheap, So....*put back to rack and walk out of shop*

Then went to the basement & Guess WHAT? GOT COTTON ON ! Hahahas! J, A and Me CHIONG into Cotton On! LOL. Then J and Me saw this very pretty Demin Shirt and went to try since J told me it was 2 for RM75, So why not? Then after we try, we were happy with it then we went to pay and guess what? It Cost RM100Plus EACH! Then I told my mum that we got cheated, and my Mum said that I was stupid not to check the tag, so its not they cheat my feelings. ): BUT I LIKE THIS SO MUCH ! ARGH! *Pull Hair*

So, To Calm myself down, I saw this Macaron Shop and the price was reasonable, 6 Macarons for RM15! WHY NOT! Its so much more expensive in singapore, esp from Bakerzin. ):

Look at all the pretty Colours! <3

Look at the sweet colours I bought. 
Purple is Vanilla,
Pink is Strawberry,
Brown is Chocolate.


*Act like Model With Macaron*

Then we were tired, so we went to their Macdonalds to take a rest, & SO COOL LOR! Their Macdonald still have fried chicken & THEY HAVE RIBENA ! Hahahas! I love Ribena! <3

*Inserts Random Photo of Chewing Gum With Pretty Colours*

Since I was so Addicted to the Macarons, I went to buy another 6 Home Before I left! Hahahs!
1 New Member, Blue is Blueberry, Not bad too But cant compare with VANILLA! :P

Some of the things I bought, Lip Concealer in Nudy Beige from Dolly Wink, (I have not used it yet, because Idk how to use #noob) *Forgot Price*

Grey Back Pack from Silver Planet, RM59.90
(sorry for the lousy quality of the picture, causing the bag to look superly weird.)

Double Sided Double Eyelid Sticker, RM 12.90
(I still suck at using it)

& Just to share with you guys, This Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner is like V easy to use lor! Hahahas! Its is not exactly the finest tipped one, But I like how easy it is to apply on! :) Will post my make up with this liquid eyeliner soon!

Do check back soon for my Day 2 and 3 of my JB trip! :)