Monday, December 12, 2011

Crazy over my iphone 4s, keep spam taking pictures like it is a digicam.

Just a short short post before I complete the long long post of my christmas lighting trip at orchard and also my shopping trip with my mummy! *note : All pictures taken here is using my iphone 4 camera, hence no editing or what! :)

My friend sent me this picture on whatsapp and I thought it was real at first! LOL !

So there was a chocolate fair the other day, & of cos i didnt miss the chance to go buy something la! I bought this nougat(which i Veh Veh long never eat already) and also rittersport chocolates but I nv take nice pictures of them so that explains the "M.I.A" from them, heh.

This kinder bueno is NOT from the chocolate fair but I bought it from the 7-11 at Nex Basement before heading to work, hahas.

Another picture of the morning sky after editing with Instagram, It didnt manage to be uploaded successfully there, idk why ):

Then Ugly Picture of myself, just post up to let you all rmb what I look like, hahas! Im a good office girl with my specs on :)

That day went to Pepper Lunch for Dinner with G at hougang mall :) If you guys want to stalk me, just add me on four square, im like super active there! hahas!

So I was saying, Pepper Lunch for Dinner(weird enough), we ordered the combo C which has the ribeye steak set + the chicken & salmon set that comes with soup and rice and drink for $30! Not bad ley! Hahas, although I nv eat all the veggies that came with it, i still enjoyed my meal! The chicken was very tender, and the salmon wasn't that fantastic but still acceptable. ( I realise im very picky about the freshness of seafood, & I love eating fish, I think i am a cat in my past life, lol!)

G's Ribeye Steak Set

My Salmon & Chicken Set