Friday, December 30, 2011

Ruthanne Lynn

Here I am posting about the Awesome people I know from twitter again !

Today Introducing to you, Ruthanne Lynn !

See She Cute Anot ? Hehe. I got to know her from GushCloud because I followed her on a favor request and i didnt expect her to follow back, Then the stalker-ish me, went to read her blog and her blog picture so pretty ! Hahahas. Then I agree with her viewpoint of Going clubbing dosent mean all bad but we must know how to control ourselves and must go with the correct company of people :)

Hahahas, I really hope to meet her soon! She tweeted me yesterday night asking me to go shopping today, but I was asleep, Now I'm waiting for her reply <3

p.s: "KOP" Pictures of her from her blog! Hahahas!