Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 days to Christmas !

Hello ! I'm blogging again! *hardworking* hahas. If you have followed me on twitter, you should know that I'm going into Malaysia tomorrow for a shopping trip and on the 24th I'm going in again for my cousin's wedding and I will be staying inside until 25th ! Which means im celebrating Christmas in malaysia ! First time in my life ley! *excited* and I also said that if I reach 30-50 blog reads a day, I will host a giveaway :) so please stay tune to see what I have to give away :)

So, I went to Nex to meet my family for dinner yesterday at the food republic at basement2. The place was nicely decorated and it was quite spacious to accommodate alot of people. I had dim sum for dinner as the prawn dumpling, a.k.a har kau, is relatively yummy ! And big too! Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the food because I was too hungry .

After dinner , we went to walk around Nex because mummy wanted to buy some Christmas presents for her colleague, it was when I saw the super cute teddybear and it only cost $21.90 for the medium sized one! I was trying to psycho my mummy and daddy to kup their money together to buy for me , but I failed ):


we went to Baskin Robbins to get some ice cream because they had a special promotion on Wednesday! Wed is pink day so you get $2 off from their chocolate dipped sundae! So of course I got that for myself, *greedy* and I got to choose a topping and a sauce , so I choose m&m's ad chocolate sauce ! Yums ! I'm totally enjoying the Christmas seasons <3 Merry Christmas !

And I Shall End This Post with my Nails I did the other day! Kinda Failed but.... SHHHHH !