Sunday, November 22, 2015

Skechers Sundown Festival 2015!


All Thanks to Red Planet for the tickets to attend Sundown Festival - LETS ROCK!
I Had a wonderful night yesterday despite a unfortunate event that happened to me earlier in the day. :(

First up - Cheryl Loon from Singapore. Cheryl is a local Singer-Songwriter.

Next up was Farrago - They are an indie rock band formed in Singapore comprising of members from Singapore, Japan, UK & Australia. 

And we have Cashew Chemist - Who was playing when the skies were grey, or was it grey when they came out? Haha. They kept saying that they hope they don't bring the rain. lol.


First up: 放射空間 GROUND ZERO from Taiwan!
They are a 4-member Taiwanese Indie Band founded in 2010. They have since performed at major events in Taiwan and also attended the Spring Wave Concert 2014 in Singapore! They performed many songs, from Covers of pop Mandarin & English songs, to their latest song - 大海之名.

Next Up is local act - CARACAL. The 5-member group is hailed as Singapore's best Post-Hardcore Band. They certainly did Wow the crowd with their hardcore music.

Welcoming J-Rocks from Indonesia! They are an Indonesian Rock Band who are heavily influenced by Japanese Rock Style Music. Who would ever know Indonesian songs could have Japanese rock influence.

Then we have INKT from Japan. So sorry that I don't have any photos of them performing because it was raining a little and I did not want to risk my camera. But they are really so passionate to their fans!

As the night goes on, We have POTATO from THAILAND! They are a Renowned Thai Rock Band that has won multiple awards, with origins as far back as 2001. They performed many songs and one of them was their Famous "Ter Yang"

The Highlight of the night was EPIK HIGH from KOREA! They are also the last act of the night. The crowd went wild and everyone was jumping and screaming. Epik High did so much fan service - Spraying water and also signing on towels and throwing them to the crowd.

Thank you to Skechers for organizing this amazing concert to bring together the different acts from all over southeast asia. Thank you Red Planet for the tickets. I even had the chance to do a 1 to 1 interview with Taiwanese Group 放射空間 GROUND ZERO, so be sure to watch out for it here.

For More Photos of the different Groups, Please head over to my Facebook, I will upload all of them there.

Till Then, With Love, M