Friday, November 27, 2015

Vibbly Skin Beauty - Eyelash Extensions


Deng Deng Deng! I have a new Eyelash & Facial Sponsor - Vibbly Skin Beauty! YAY!
My Lash ArtistVeira has more than 5 years of experience working with other brands before coming out to open her own beauty salon. The shop front is located at 465 North Bridge Road #01-5049, within the heartlands so that the prices of the service can be push down further for you to enjoy quality service without burning a hole in your pocket.

Today I'm going to share with you my first eyelash extension experience in my whole 23 years of my life. I trust Vibbly to do a good job to the window to my soul. lol! Vibbly offers a variety of lashes for your different needs.
1. Silk Lash - The most common type of lashes used in the market. Vibbly offer Black or Brown Silk Lashes.
2. Feather Mink Lashes - This type of lashes are softer than silk lashes, which also means it will present a softer, more natural look.
3. Premium Two-Tone & Colour Lashes - These are silk lashes with colour! For a more fun look, you can try these lashes instead!
4. 100% Real Mink Lash - The softest among all lashes. It is the most premium lash Vibbly offers.

Lashes come in different lengths and different thickness to achieve a wide variety of looks. From soft & Natural looks to Loud and dramatic looks to Sexy seductive looks. 3D & 6D lashes uses Mink Lashes to achieve the natural look.

Here we go, My Bare Lashes, Verdict by Veira is that my lashes are quite long but sparse. :( Save me !!

A Comparison of the 2 eyes - Before & After. A dramatic difference in volume and length. I have on a range of lash length, from 9mm to 11mm C curl lash which will create a more natural look, and this one is more suitable for people who usually wear specs, that's why Veria did the shorter length for me. So considerate! And C curl lashes is among the most popular choice of lash for ladies to achieve the natural look.

Done! You can see my eye abit red because I felt a little stinging sensation during the process, but Veira advised to wear contact lens when doing the lashes to minimize the stinging sensation. This is the first time I'm seeing my eye so close up! haha!

Price List:
Normal Lash Extenstions - Price start from $78
(Includes All Single lashes, irregardless of curl type or length)

3D Lash - $138/NETT 
(irregardless of how many strands)

6D Lash - $158/NETT 
(irregardless of how many strands)

Colour Lash - $148/Set

First Timer visiting Vibbly after reading my blog - 10% OFF 
(normal days, not valid with other promos)



Criteria: Must Like their Facebook Page only when you are at the shop.

Vibbly Skin Beauty
465 North Bridge Road
#01-5049, Singapore 191465
(5 min walk from Lavender Mrt)

Telephone : 63415818
SMS/WhatsApp : 94291688
Email :

Cheers to a more beautiful you, With Love, M