Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ZALORA Brings Korean Fashion to you!

Korean POP MUSIC is taking over the world by storm and so is Korean FASHION! Want to dress like your favourite KPOP Star or your favourite Korean Drama Lead Actress? You will be spoilt for choices on Zalora! My KPOP Idol is 2NE1, and my BIAS is CL! I love how she can look effortlessly casual but also look Super Stunning.

I spotted a similar top that CL is wearing on Zalora!!! My ultimate wish is to meet CL omg.
So until that dream comes true, I guess what I can do is to try to dress like her? Haha!

And Next, the ever popular drama "My Love From The Stars" lead actress - Jun Ji Hyun.
Ever since that show, she rose to fame and she rose to my attention too! She looks really sophisticated and classy!

So while I was browsing the Korean Fashion Section on Zalora, I spotted something similar! Hahaha, So Happy! Now I can look classy too! 

Are you inspired yet? 
Check out the many Accessories available too!

Or this cutesy backpack?

And of course, how can we forget about Korean Beauty products?
Be spoilt for choices when you shop at Zalora because they are giving away free gifts when you spend $25 Or More on Korean Beauty Products!! Always wanted to look like your KPOP Idol? You envy their dewy and perfect skin? Now you can too! Hop over to Zalora to start stocking up! Prices start from as low at $.3.60!

Hope you are inspired, and since its the christmas season, it is time to do some gifting. Or you could hint your friends on what are the items you are interested in. #youknowwhatimean Hahaha!

Check out the K Fashion Section on Zalora Now!
*All information on products are courtesy of Zalora*

With Love, M