Friday, July 19, 2013

{SPS} Le Bunny Bleu SHOES!

Have you heard of this super cute Bunny Brand called Le Bunny Bleu? No, they do not sell Bunnies or Rabbits or any animals. LOL. They Sell Shoes! Yes Shoes my ladies! Now everyone can imagine your shoe with this cute bunny design on it! OOOH LA LA ~~

Something for you guys to note first, You get a $5 voucher when you sign up for their news letter and like them on Facebook! Its That Simple!

Le Bunny Bleu has many different types of shoes in all sorts of colours! Making me want to try on every Single Pair of it! Hahaha, It would take me A day to finish trying all of them! :P
Picture here only shows like 10%? :D

Beautiful Oxfords also Available. Who would have imagine that Oxfords Loafers can come out to be such beautiful pieces? Each and everyone is so unique!! ^o^ And they are so easy to match, Who can resist ??

And it's Best to go Shoe Buying with your Girl Friends Because they can give you good tips on which shoe suits you better, or maybe all of you can buy shoes together then ask for more discount! LOL!!! HAHAHA!

And Don't Worry if you are not Staying in Singapore, Le Bunny Bleu have many Outlets Worldwide!

So Check Out Their Website here and start shopping away!


With Love, M

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  1. Omigosh all these shoes are ADORABLE! *___* But noooo... no outlets here in Toronto... T___T OTL.

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