Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey Ladies, I'm sure many of you have read about my experiences for LOL Recording for their Season 1 with the Host Judee Tan and Marcus A C. If not you can read it here, here and here.

And I Have Good News for you all! They are coming back for a second season and this time, they even have weekend afternoon slots so more ladies can come for the recording too! :)
Do RSVP a slot or slots for yourselves now to not miss this chance to attend a talkshow for Ladies only.

This time, their host has changed to Denise Tan from GOLD90.5FM instead of Judee Tan, but Marcus will still be around! Woohoo! Every Recording is different and you get to learn beauty and fashion tips from the professionals who are invited to the show! It's nothing but FUN  for the 2 and a Half hour recording.

So what are you waiting for? HEAD OVER HERE TO RSVP NOW! ^o^

p.s: Come for recording and you get to eat Yummy food from Dr. Cafe ! ^o^

With Love, M

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