Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LOL - Ladies of Love

So you have seen my previous post about LOL Toggle Recording Sessions, Have you Signed up for it? If Not Do So NOW! Many more awesome GUEST COMING UP! RSVP A SEAT HERE! I am Sure you will have a wonderful time at each and every session with the wonderful Hosts and the whole production Crew! It's nothing short of Fun & Laughter! L-O-L away~

This Season, Benefit has joined our LOL Family of Sponsors and they have a Counter Set up just for us Ladies to try out their products along with a professional from Benefit as well!

This Time Bottega Champagne is also Available for ordering, looking at those beautiful bottles, It makes me wanna order some for my 21st Birthday Party! :D

This Time, Its a BRAND NEW Set with Furniture and arrangement from FRANCFRANC ! Very Modern and Chic Set Up I would Say! ^^

And Welcome our New Anchor Host Denise Tan! And her BFF in the Show, Marcus A C. I feel that No matter who pairs up with Marcus, It will be a blast! ^o^

And Denise is not Shy to show the Silly/Fun side of herself. Making the whole recording a enjoyable one.

AND I was very Honoured(lucky I went) to have attend last Sunday's Recording Session AS I SAW 2 HOT GUYS! 2 VERY VERY HOT BUT NOT AVAILABLE ALREADY GUYS! *awwwwwwwwwwwww*

Its Oli Pettigrew and Dominic Lau! HOW HOT ARE THESE 2 YOU TELL ME!

I was just snapping away with my Camera. Hahaha. Should set them as my wallpaper. ^o^

How I wish I was in Denise Position you know! Hahaha. Both Oli and Dom were so humorous and sporting that it killed every single lady in the studio! *cue Oh My Love~~~~*

Haha, Now Tell Me who will reject a chance to take pictures with these 2 hotties? NOT ME!
This is a picture of me taking a picture with them. LOL. I haven't got the photo yet, so this will do for now!
(photo from here onwards are from LOL Toggle Facebook Page, here.)

And after them, was 3 hot soccer boys from the Channel 5 reality show The First Eleven.
All I could say was My Eyes were hurting from not blinking the whole recording. HAHAHAHA!

And then we have the classic Pin Up Boys - Tan'g Quartet! 
They made me fall in love with Classical Music all over Again.

I know many of you are jealous of me now, (i know you are, don't try to deny). You can have chances like me too if you come attend LOL Recording too! Just register at www.toggle.sg/LOL and you are on your way to meet hot, handsome stars! Every Session has different stars and music talents. For tonight's (16 July 13) Session, There will be stars from the New Channel 5 Series Mata Mata. Ms Cheryl Wee, Mr Darren Tan and Adam Chen is coming! For the music segment, its THE SAM WILLOWS ! OMG! Hahaha.
Limited Seats Available! So Do RSVP Quick if you want to attend tonight's recording, I might see you!

 Which is our favourite Part, ITS THE GOODIE BAG! Come to LOL to see for yourself what awesome Gifts are in the Goodie Bag! You wont Regret!

If you attend LOL Recording, you get to have a Group photo taken as well. YAY!

With Love, M

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