Monday, July 1, 2013


Had a great time at the CP's Blogger event last Sunday, It was such a delight to have met all the awesome bloggers and also to have been invited to this event. Thank you CP! ^^

The event was held at NSRCC and there is a shuttle service to the place from Tanah Merah Mrt :)
The party kick started with a game of bowling where we were split into 2 groups to compete to see which team had to do the BBQ-ing, whereas the winning group can stay in the indoor kitchen to whip up some delicious food. Talk about competitiveness. My team had most of the Girls and I understand that they could not bowl well, neither did I bowl well either, therefore My group lost and we were "the chosen one" to be BBQ-ing for the night.

Upon reaching the Chalet house, we were greeted by the a huge CP food Banner and with a table full of CP Quick & Easy to Prepare Food displays! ^^ I thought they were real!
#FACT: Did you know CP stands for Charoen Pokphand, which is abundance in Thai Language! ^^

Good Day Sir/Madam, Would you like to purchase some CP Products? :P

Here is the friendly and fun PR sharing with us the New Product called the Korean Fried Chicken. It comes in like a shaker cup, drizzled with 2 different sauces, Spicy or Sweet, Depending on your liking.

For $5 per cup, you get to enjoy a yummy, almost 90% similar to authentic Korean Fried Chicken. Drizzled with the Special Sauce, It was such a Delight. Where to get this and other CP Snacks if you do not want to cook them yourself?

Now its time for some cooking, well sorta. my team was incharge of the BBQ items and every ingredient was almost on the table waiting for our master Hands. HAHAHAHA! Its Really Easy one!

Cut Up Capsicums into cubes, Skewer through your favourite CP Glazed Teriyaki Chicken Cubes and Pineapples if you like, then BBQ or Roast or Grill it to your liking! ^o^ Super Yums!

Chicken Caesar Salad with Chicken Pops! Just add them into any of your favorite salad also can!
Works Anyway, AnyHow! :D

Some things the other groups prepared are the Mandus. Do you know what are Mandus? They are KOREAN Dumplings! YUMS! CP has the Vege Version & the Prawn Version! I Love the Prawn ones!! :P

Things to BBQ~ The Muscles are FROM CP ALSO! Topped with special Mayo sauce, they are ready to get cooked! Haha. And on the Far Left, Its it CURRY WINGS! I would never have imagined Frozen Curry Drumsticks to taste sooooooooo Good! It Saves all the hassle of marinating it before the BBQ, Its all marinated well done and ready to get BBQ-ed!

And if you think plain Mid wings are too mainstream, you can wrap them with pandan leaves to enhance the aroma, and also to prevent the meat/skin from getting burnt! 1 Stone Kill 2 Bird la! Good IDEA~

After the meal, it was game time! Each Group had to come out with 5 different word or phrases with regards to Korea and the other Team had to guess. It was such an exciting Competition that we were all screaming and laughing our hearts out! :D

So This Marks the end of the Party and I am very Happy that CP invited me along with so many other blogger friends for a simple relaxed session. :) Do Check out CP in any Supermarkets like NTUC, GIANT or SHENG SIONG. I'm Sure there will be something for everyone ranging to meat to seafood to the EVER SO POPULAR WONTONS? :)

With Love, M


  1. Hi, No wonder I like the CP fried Chicken. I have not much idea about your place but in my place people love
    eating CP Food BD. As it comes with cheap prize, nice
    taste and quality food.

    1. Hi CP Food BD,

      Thank you for the interest and I agree that CP fried chicken is delicious. And Yes, In singapore, we Love our CP products too! :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

      With Love, M♥