Saturday, June 29, 2013

{SPS} Liese Hair Spray, Style it Your Way!

Heyyyy Ladies! Today I'm going to introduce a product to you which will make your curls last longer and not look like flimsy grass. *ifyouknowwhatImean.jpg*

Introducing to you Liese Hair Spray in 2 different types! The SUPER HARD and the FREE ARRANGE.

I have always wanted to try curly hair, so I would braid my hair in Twos and sleep in them, so that the next morning, I would have beautiful Curls, BUT because of my Rebonded Hair, I can't seem to make my curls last longer than afew hours after I untie them, and Hence I always appear with Straight Boring Hair, LOL. BUT NOW NO FEAR! With Liese Hard Hair Spray, It will hold my curls longer so that I can camwhore more with my temporary lasting Mermaid Curls! Hahahaha. Can you not feel how Happy I am? :D

My Curls dont look that Curly in this photo but I assure you this is the kind of curls I want, Not Too Harsh that they look like maggie mee :P Haha, It all depends on individuals right? :D GOOD THING about the SUPER HARD Hair Spray is that Your Hair Will Stay In Shape Even If You Run in the Wind while filming your own Music Video, or when you are chasing for bus, You will look Gorgeous Still! WOW! Amazing Holding Power without all the Stickiness and Bad Smell. Liese SUPER HARD Hair Spray has a mild fruity fragrance that will ensure that you do not choke while styling your hair^^

Tips on how to use it:
To create volume, simply spray at the inner layers, near the roots.
To reduce volume, spray on the surface and smoothen over.
To control flyaways
To keep bangs in place

As For the Liese FREE ARRANGE Hair Spray, It is GREAT if you love to style your hair differently everyday/almost everyday. It's light, it does not stick to your hand like Wax or Gel, and it makes your hair easy to style with! You can be PRO with this Spray I Tell You!

A Few Simple Styles you can try to change your everyday look into a better one:
* Fluffy at the Crown
*Volume at the back
*Soft & Flowly
*Gentle Waves

And Since it doesn't Stick and it doesn't Set the Hair in a Fix Shape like the SUPER HARD Spray, You can rearrange your hair anytime in the day or night. Or if it flattens down because of the weather, Just Dry your hair and style it again! YAY!

So Head down to Watson or any Departmental Stores to Get your Liese Hair Spray, and start Styling your hair like a Professional Hair Stylist! Maybe the next time you attend your friends/relative's wedding, you no need to go salon to SET your hair anymore! You can do for yourself, and your mum, and your sist, and your dad, and your aunt blah blah blah la! Hahaha, too excited. Okay, GO BUY IT AND SPRAY IT! ^^

With Love, M