Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paris Baguette - Wisma Atria

I made my virgin trip to Paris Baguette about a month back with Kaman and I must say I wasn't totally WOW-ed about my choices of the day. :/

Berries Tart, UFO and Bacon Wrapped Egg Toast. The UFO had a custard middle which I thought was quite nice and it complemented the Crispy sweet outer side.

I was so excited when I saw a crepe cake and I had to order it.

But I proved myself wrong that not All crepe cakes are yummy. Paris Baguette did not do a good job for this, unfortunately. :/

We ordered some drinks along and Kaman had Orange Tea while I had Strawberry Something, which I forgot. My Suggestion, Just go for the orange tea. :D

The saving grace of the day had to be their Ever-So-Popular Royal Pudding in Original flavour. I dug in without stirring the caramel sauce at the bottom and I thought it was really good already, Until Kaman told me to mix the whole thing and I was brought to another level of delight. Oh Royal Pudding, Why are you so expensive? *CRAVES BADLY FOR IT*

Haha, hope my blogpost gave you a better mind to decide what to order at paris baguette if you have not been there! ^o^

With Love, M