Saturday, June 1, 2013

[F.T] The Naked Fish Shoppe

The Naked Fish Shoppe
190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Singapore 568042

The place is very easy to locate, When you tap out of AMK Mrt, Go left all the way under the shelter to the grassroot club, The Naked Fish Shoppe is located in the Grassroot club! When you reach the grassroot club, Go in and walk in on your right and walk all the way straight in :)

I attended a food tasting session at The Naked Fish Shoppe with Openrice and my first thoughts would be the kinky name of the place. LOL. But I knew I was in for fish and nothing else(i hope).

Here is the owner of The Naked Fish Shoppe explaining how did the shop name came out, apparently, it originated from a joke about how the word "Naked" stopped irritating people (MEN) from creating disturbance to people. LOL.

Okay,lets put a stop to wherever we are thinking(drifting) off now. Food is served.

Fried Calamari Rings

Soup in Bread Cup - $4.00 (Chicken Soup) , $3.50 (Mushroom Soup)

Lobster Bisque - $4.50 (I recommend this one!)

An alternative to a bread bowl if you wish to have your bread seperated from your
soup and lightly toasted with garlic.

Seafood Platter! I think it's serving can feed 2 girls lor !  

Boneless Whole Milk Fish Fillet – served with White Pepper Sauce $16.80

Deep Sea Premium Grade Barramundi Fish Fillet – served with Lemon Butter Sauce $16.80

Pan-Fried Mahi Mahi Fish Fillet – served with lemon butter sauce $14.80

Pan-Fried Marlin Fish Fillet – Sword fish fillet (sashimi grade) with White Pepper Sauce $16.80

Desserts to end off the food tasting session. Served in a bowl, the size just nice for a sweet end to a meal.

1. Honey Dew Pudding with Coconut milk
2. Caramel Pudding
3. Mango Pudding

My personal favourite has to be the Caramel Pudding. Not too sweet with a slice of peach on top which complemented the sweetness of the pudding.

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With Love, M