Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[F.T] Museo at Sentosa Cove

Hi Readers, I'm just came back from somewhere far away in one of these yacht as you see in the picture below. Be jealous! LOL!

*plays soothing on-the-sea music*

Just Kidding la! hahaha! Like I would ever have a chance in those Yacht. :P But It was fun see-ing those beautiful yacht at Sentosa Cove! ♥

And i love the great company that night for the food tasting at this wonderful restaurant :D Here's a picture with my partner in crime, Carmen! :)

As we strolled along the beautiful sidewalk, we almost missed the place!

#01-22 Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way
Singapore 098375
Tel: 6734 8066
Fax: 6734 8086


The restaurant is called Museo (Prnounced as Moo-Zay-O) which means museum in Italian, brings to mind the exhibits by world-renowned art masters, all displayed in an elegant and refined setting. Incorporating its unique take to the term, MUSEO has translated the concept into gastronomic treats exquisitely presented with a contemporary twist.

Every Single Detail of its offerings, as well as interior atmosphere, down to its lighting, wall displays and music, are crafted with deliberate care to reflect a fine taste in food and art which all art enthusiasts would appreciate.

Among its many new creations, MUSEO is the first to serve food in exquisite glass cups. Simply named 'Dine-In-A-Cup', this refreshing concept is a guranteed hit amongst the young, trendy and sophisticated, who crave intimacy and convenienced even when dining more formally.

Here are the 4 dishes that were served on our Mezzanine. (Top > Right)
Satay (A Sunday Afternoon on the island)
Salmon Curry (Flaming June)
Pork Belly (Joy of Life)
Soft Shell Crab (Three Musicians)

There are many different dishes for Diners to choose from to create their own Mezzanines at $39. And for the less adventurous, MUSEO also offers the Mezzanine Signatures for $38, which includes an exquisite selection of 4 crowd-pleasers infused with local flavours. 


Pan Roast Cod Fillet - $33
Delicate cod fillet with baked scallop on half shell with onion relish and mushroom risotto.
I super love this dish as I am a avid fan of cod fish. The fish was tender and the mushroom risotto was just nice with a not too overwhelming mushroom taste. The scallop was a bonus for me.

Braised short rib with Vintage Port - $38
With the meat falling off the bones as you sink your fork and knife into it, this braised short rib does not create a burden for your mouth. The mash that it is resting on, it complements the flavour of the short ribs although being not fluffy enough for my liking,

Grilled NZ Augus Rib Eye of Beef (240gm) - $38
We got the chef to get the beef to medium rare, first try at medium rare beef and it blown me away. such tender meat that did not take too long to chew, not bloody as I would expect looking at the word rare, this dish was a pleasure.

And i always believe that we all have a separate stomach for desserts. :)
(top > Down)
Green tea Creme Brulee - $12
Vodka Lava Cake - $12
Strawberry Crumble - $12

I have been served afew different tea related creme brulee and MUSEO's Green Tea Creme Brulee did make me get a little excited. It's not exactly Matcha Creme Brulee, but the green tea flavour stills emerge. Paired along with the special Yuzu Ice Cream which was a first for me, this was my favourite that night.

This screams strawberry fanatic all over it. I find it a tad too sour for my liking, or it may just be that my sour tolerance is super low. But I feel that it is a relatively healthy dessert as the crumble is only sprinkled on the top.

Highlight of the Night was this Jelly Slush from Kopparberg - Strawberry and Lime Flavour. Looking at it you may be doubting how special it is, with just some crushed ice in this drink, But you are wrong, the crushed ice was formed within the glass itself. You may not understand what I am saying.

Please take a moment off to watch this video if you have no idea what I'm talking about. :)

Berries Galore - $16
Vodka, fresh berries, citrus, white chocolate and wild strawberries, liqeuer. The ultimate confectionary lover would enjoy the arnaigarnation of the tart yet creamy flavours without having to pile on the calories.

Thyme and Grapes - $18
Fresh black grapes, unfiltered sake, vodka and thyme. The naturally occurring fructrose in the grape acts as the canvas in this drink, allowing the slightly herbaceous nature of the thyme to shine through, tempered only slightly by the unfiltered sake.

Passionfruit Sling - $18
Cachaca, whole passion fruit, lemongrass and lime, This drink emcompasses all things from Brazil. A whole lot of tropical sweetness with a whisper of lemongrass finish.

Cucumber Mojito - $16
White rum, cucumber, mint and citrus. This is a twist to the popular Mojito. The cucumber adds a minty freshness to the drink and delivers many health benefits with its high vitamins and mineral content. The mint added also aids digestion and helps with weight control as it has the ability to suppress cravings and excessive appetites. (Now all the ladies, go for THIS!)

I am truly impressed with MUSEO's concept and I will defiinitely go back! They are having a promotion now which is where you spend above $20, you get to paint in the restaurant itself, immersing in all the yummy food and artistic atmosphere. Irregardless whether you have the artisitic flair or not, it would be an experience you will never forget, I promise.

With Love, M