Sunday, May 26, 2013

{SPS} V10 Plus Star Blogger Event

Thank you to Gin for inviting me to this beauty event for V10 Plus.
This is like my first official beauty event and I am glad i attended it! ^o^ Who wouldn't want to get more beautiful right? :D

First Up, there is like a mini competition going on and I hope my dear readers would help me like my photo with the link here. :D

The event was held at Spa Symphony at 313 @ Somerset, and we were addressed by the marketing manager of Spa Symphony. Spa Symphony is one of the spa places where you can get V10 Plus Products! V10 Plus is not available outside on those beauty counters. Hah, talk about exclusive.

Then we got Ms Akiko, the Ambassador of V10 Plus to speak to us and also to tell us more about V10 plus. And we found out a HUGE Secret!

V10 Plus is used by FANN WONG! Yes !Local Top actress with flawless skin. So now we know why fann wong has such good skin, V10 plus is her secret to flawless skin!
Now, tell me how not to miss out V10 plus products ? :D

They have a whole range of 10 different serums for different effects and they come in such beautiful coloured bottles, how I wish i could bring them all home! ^o^

Let me tell you a little bit about spa symphony, They have pretty little rooms for your consultant to chat with you about your current skin condition and also to advise you on the best treatment for you. And you will be served with their special tea which taste very refreshing, different from other spa where they just serve you normal floral tea. YAY!

And when you step into Spa Symphony 313, They have a table where they showcase the products that they use at Spa Symphony, so no worries about and hidden products beng used on your face when you have your treatment there.

And now, you can do your part for charity together with V10 Plus!
For ever "Like" on their facebook page, V10 plus will donate $1 to the Children Cancer Foundation! So hurry and get your fingers moving! :D

With Love, M