Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Makeup Session with Make Up Refinery

Have you been wanting to know how to make up to look natural that is suitable for work or any occasion without looking like over doing it.
Do check out Makeup Refinery's Workshop!

First we exfoliated our hands to try out one of Mary Kay's products because Not onlu your face needs exfoliation, your body needs it too!

We used the Satin Hand Spa where we prep our skin for exfoliation using the white looking thing (as shown below) as a softener.

Then we used a peach fragrant hand scrub to remove dead skin, and reveal our brighter and supple skin. Can you spot the difference between which hand has done the scrub? (the photo has not been edited hor!) I love how my arms matches my face more after the exfoliation process because I always find my arm too dark to go with my face. LOL.

Afterwards, we continued to do a Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser which is a Anti aging cleanser that i) Cleanse  ii) Exfoliate with micro beads and iii) Tone. YAY! And it is available for different skin types(Dry/ Normal and combination/Oily)!

After cleansing our face, we started on a eye spa where Trainer Sherie help us apply awesome Eye Area products Like:
a.     Eye revitalizer- reduce dark circles

b.     Eye gel- Sooth tired eyes and reduce eye puffiness 
c.     Timewise Regena Firming Eye Cream- Reduce wrinkles and firming effect on eyelids
After the eye spa, we were given an Eye patch so keep the products on our face to ensure maximum absorbtion(did I spell it correctly? Or is there even such a word?).

Tadaaaaa! Here is how i look with the Eye Patch. :P

The mask i am using is a Botanical Facial Mask which helps Minimise pores size (something I really need), firming effect and remove dead skin (exfoliation)- rub circular motion upwards. GREAT Product with so many benefits! YAY! (Mask looks like this in picture below.)

After our face mask, I feel that my skin really looks brighter and more radiant although my Pores did not minimize just after 1 use (lol, also not miracle product). And then Trainer Sherie gave us a lip mask which some of us have not heard about it before, But I got hear before hor! :D I was happy that Trainer sherie said that my lips look relatively pink and good already but I still tried the lip mask to exfoliate my lips la! Confirm got dead skin or what de mah!

When applying products that are beneficial for your face, apply it upwards onto your face as our pores are facing downwards.
So When you apply Sunblock or make-up products, remember to apply Downwards so that these products do not clog your pores and cause breakouts. Okay? ^o^

And you might think what comes after doing so much for your skin right?
Well, since this is a make-up session, Of course we get to learn basic make up tips for a everyday workable look with Mary Kay products!

Trainer Sherie demonstrated how to hightlight and conture our face with simple tools like a highlighter pen to help light skin tone girls to also conceal their minor flaws on their face, so no need concealer already! :D
Highlighter pen on forehead, nose, side of nose/lips, undereye, cheek bone and cupid’s bone, under lower lips and laugh lines to bring out facial features.

This is a Mineral foundation and it is suitable for:
a.     Lightwear makeup that produce natural Korean look, does not become cakey after a few hours

b.     Natural mineral source ingredients that are suitable for all skin types
So this is super wearable for work even though in Singapore's Hot and Humid Weather.

That's for the face. Now for the Eye. Always apply Eye Primer if we are going to use Eyeshadow so that the eyeshadow last longer and the colour is more vibrant! :D
So how do we do it?
Apply first eyeshadow colour (brown/dark brown) in an almond shape closest to the lash line
 2nd Colour: (Shimmery Beige) to crease area (eyeball socket) and blend out to reveal a nice graduation shadows
 3rd Colour: (Shimmery white) highlight brow bone and inner eye corner to bright up the eyes drawing more attention
Final look on my face! I like the colour of the eyeshadow! :)
(ps. this picture is taken like 4 hours after the make up session, still looking great)

Some products I would like to recommend would be this Brow Gel! I have not come across something in my 20++ years of life and i think that it is so good because it can hold the brow colour in and i dont have to keep fixing my brows! ^^

Another Product is the Finishing Spray that will make your make up last longer so you will cut down on the times you fix your makeup in a day!

My Thoughts on this make up session, EVERY GIRL NEEDS TO ATTEND IT ONCE!
Great Make up tips and skincare tips but it's not like those classes outside that the Trainer seem to be like Hard selling their products more than conducting the lesson.
This session lets you experience the different products and if you think that you really want to get it, then you can approach the friendly Trainer Sherie :)

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Cheers to Beautiful Skin and more confidence! \(^o^)/

With Love, M