Monday, May 13, 2013

Singapore ZOOlogical Gardens

I Wish to Thank Openrice for choosing me as the Winner of their Contest which gave me a chance to see the 2 Super Cutesy Wootsy Panda! :P

And Since I was there already, I did not want to waste my trip to the west so I top up another $14 to get the park hopper pass so that I could visit the zoo also! ^^

So this post will be about the Zoo First because me and Apple, My Buddy of the day, wanted to go see the Animal shows in the zoo first! LOLOL!

But first! Take picture with every animal possible at the ZOO! HAHAHAHA!

First show of the day, with all the cute little kids , ITS FULL HOUSE!

Its the Seal !!! *squeels*

Then while on the way to another show, We saw these monkeys roping across above our heads! :D

Hehe, we rushed to the Kids world to watch another show where they showcase dogs! ^^ All the doggies are so clever and tame! I wish I had a dog..

These 2 doggies were out for us audience to touch, lol.
They are a Cocker Spaniel and Labrador Mix ! :D

Then we went to explore the kiddy world and saw many cute animals like ponies and goats and bunnies! 

We were just in time for the goat feeding so we bought a pail of carrots and long beans to feed the goats for $5 ! :)

But there is also a bunch of leaves at the side of the enclosure for you to pluck healthy green leaves to feed the goats if you don't want to buy the $5 pail :)
*I took this shot myself hor! See my finger!*

After the show, we went to visit some of my relatives. *ifyouknowwhatimean.jpg*

Frog, they creep me out sometimes..

Then a new addition to the zoo, a Puma! :) But they are still relatively shy so they don't really come close to the glass for us to take pictures. mehhh.


Mr Lee Kwang Soo's Relative, LOL! Giraffe! *runningmanaddict*

Cuties Meerkats!

My other relative! HAHA! Can spot? :P

Black with white stripes or White with Black Stripes?

Cheetah! They have Model Bodies !

Then we headed for another show! I super love the shows! ♥

Best time = Photo taking time with the animals! YAY!

I think these are sloths??

Flamingos ! They don't look really pink you know? 

Otters! They are super cute but their area smells of their pee because they like to mark their territories! >_<

The otter has spotted us! *run!* lol.

Can you see the joey hanging out of it's Mummy's Pouch? The zookeeper said that they can stay inside until they are 1 year old or more. WOW, great Mothers ley Kangaroos! Happy Mother's Day ah! ^o^

Hey gentle giant Hippo! ^o^

And here's a Tapir! :) Black and White Body, cool lor! :D

That's all at the zoo from me! :) I love the feeling of visiting the zoo again after so many years, love watching the animals do their things or do nothing, lol.
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed myself at the zoo! :D
I will blog about River Safari soon as I really want to share with you guys how cute the panda's were! hehe.
Ending this post with a picture that i printed out to bring home that day! :)

With Love, M