Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[F.T] Eighteen Chef at Cathay Cineleisure

I love visiting EighteenChef ever since I first stepped into their Simei Eastpoint Branch (Which is now close for 2 years cos the whole mall is under renovation, SAD ME). I started with their pastas which could be customised to your own preference on the type of sauce, type of toppings you would like to have. Oh I miss those days.. But anyway, now 18Chef has a New Branch at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Level 4! Yay! This is the closest branch to my home other than the one at Tiong Bahru Plaza. ):

The one thing that doesn't change is my loyal order for their Homemade Ice Lemon Tea. Simply Too Good.

Here are the warriors I brought along for this food tasting, Apple, Jasmine & Michhysaurous. LOL.

The owner of 18Chef, Mr Benny Se, Took us 3 to a Kitchen tour where he explained the Very Special 64Degree Egg, which is also their speciality. I do not want to tell you how they make it at 18Chef because I feel that it is such a great dish that I wish to have it only at their shop. So please go check it out yourself! :P

Each 64Degree Egg is carefully prepared by the chef and if something goes wrong, the egg will burst and there will be no more 64Degree Egg ):

I love to see chefs at work behind the scenes because like that I can better understand what is going into my tummy and also I get to know what ingredients or how the dish is prepared. ^^

French Loaf with Roasted Garlic Confit - $4.80
This is a MUST TRY! First, dip the loaf in the sauce and be brought up to heaven, Secondly, Take a piece of garlic and put it into your mouth together with another bite of the loaf, OH MY GOD, You will be brought up to a higher level of food heaven. Trust me on this Garlic lovers, Its DAMN Good.

Heart Attack Fried Rice $15.80 (for 1) / $28.80 (for 2)
Star of the Day! This Fried Rice will make you feel that you have sinned for the week, LOL.
The Black Soy Sauce Infused Fried Rice, is accompanied with Loads of Garlic and some Fatty skin parts If I'm not wrong. And I'm guessing that there are more than meets the eye in the fried rice that makes me eat it non stop.

The Beef on the other hand, you can request it to your own liking, Medium well is show in the picture, not too tough to chew but not tender enough. Flavourful by itself, or you can choose to dip it in the chef's special sauce which has so many ingredients that I cant remember what are they. Its Good Both Ways.
Writing this now, makes me crave for it so BADLY. & Fret not Non-beef Eaters, 18Chef is thinking of coming up with a Chicken Version of the Heart Attack Fried Rice, So be sure to check out their FB Page.

Salmon Fillet in Orange Butter - $15.80
Ordered something more calming to try out since we already are potential Heart Attack Prone from the Fried Rice. haha! This Salmon Fillet is not very well done as I would say. Its a very simple and clean dish for those health concious or those on a detox diet when your friends drag you to 18chefs. This is the Choice ! :)

Another Highlight of the day, which I have been waiting for since the Kitchen Tour, It's the 64Degree Egg.
Its not a Poached Egg, Its not a Half Boiled Egg, Its somewhere inbetween - Chef Benny Teo said when we asked him on what exactly is a 64Degree Egg. Its Runny on the inside, but it is just cooked enough to hold the shape. A slight rough movement might just break the whole thing and you really have to slurp it up. What are the ways that you think you could devour this beautiful piece of art? :)

Cheesy Snack Platter - $14.90
What more could I say, Its a Cheesey-licious good time. Fries, Fish Nuggets, Onion Rings, Chicken Nuggets and a WHOLE POT OF CHEESE DIP. Dive In!

Enough of Savoury Treats, Now for the Sweet Delights.

Peanut Butter with Condensed Milk Toast - $3.80
Thick Toast is considered common already in the food field in Singapore, 18Chef has came up with their own version of it, but I would love more condense milk! haha. BUT I could never finish 1 by myself, I have no idea why.

Black Beauty - $4.90
Love the Brownie at 18Chef because it does not haveVISIBLE NUTS! I personally prefer plain brownies compared to those with nuts in them. Paired with the Ice Cream and Whipped Cream, I must say that I have Sinned but with a satisfied tummy.

Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream - $7.50
SCREAM! Because it's WAFFLES TIME!  Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce and Chopped bits of Berries. Enough Said.

Just Chocolate in a Jar - $5.90
Chocolate Haters can just shoo off. (just kidding) This Jar of goodness will make you feel like you just ate a jar of the most sinful chocolate dessert. With Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, M&M Chocolates and Almond Flakes. Every mouth is a different melody played by the different ingredients used in this dessert

I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT! *drools*

Here's my recommendation for something to freshen yourself up after that heavy/sinful/satisfying meal.

Funky Eighteen $6.00 & B-18 $5.50 (Both Chef Recommendation)
Funky Eighteen - Raspberry with Litchi and Mojito mixed with Orange Juice
B-18 - Citrus blend of fruits! Try their concoction of orange, lime and passion fruit with soda
Both are Good to sip down to while digesting and having a chat with friends, Before or After meal is also recommended, By me. ^o^

I would love to Thank Openrice & Eighteen Chef for the wonderful afternoon and the yummy food.

With Love, M