Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Momiji Japanese Buffet

I visited Momiji City Square Mall in Late February and it has been a month since, Dang the lazy me.. :O

Momiji Japanese Buffet
180 Kitchener Road
#05-05/06 City Square Mall
Tel: 65091193

The day we visited was the last day of the Free Flow King Crab and Sapporo Beer Promotion! ♥

Many Different Types of Meat and Seafood to Choose From!

Hot and Yummy Shark Fin's Soup

Special Drinks Available for the buffet ^o^

Deng Deng Deng Deng, Ready for the Mouth Watering Food Picture ? :P

Super Big and Long King Crab Legs! ♥-♥

Le boyf was so sweet to cut them up nicely for me ^O^

Take A look at the rest of the place and the yummy food :)

Do you know what is this? This is Oden ! I was too full to have any of it anymore, Now I regretted already! ):

There's always room for Desserts? YES !

Unlimited Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream!!

Chocolate Fondue, Just by looking at it make all your problems go away~

Yummy Cakes and Eclairs and Mochi and Jellies! *wipes saliva*

Haha, Shall end off with a not very presentable picture of my dessert platter! Hahaha!
I was having too much fun with the fondue and i especially love the fan wafer, Anyone has the same thoughts as me? :D

Haha, thats all for my Momiji journey and I must thank le boyf's family for inviting me along for this yummylicious buffet and I wish to explore more buffets in Singapore real soon! ♥

I have some great line ups for michhysaurous.blogspot.sg and a great Giveaway coming up, more yummy food, great deals, and I will also introduce a girl's heaven on earth in Singapore! So Stay Tuned! ^^