Sunday, June 9, 2013

Little Black Beauty Box by StyleXStyle!

How many of you have heard about StyleXstyle by Mediacorp ? :)
They have their own version of a Beauty Box called "The Little Black Beauty Box"

It is a collaboration between StyleXStyle & Robinsons. Now, just hearing this collaboration makes me excited about what this LBBB has to offer.

I got this box because of the lady behind this great idea, Sharon Au, when we attended a recording for LOL(read about it here), and she promised all the ladies present to a LBBB. Thank you Sharon! ♥-♥
(a note with a personal touch and sharon's signature)

My mind was blown when i open up the box. SOOOOOO Many Things inside.
I am not too sure if this is a special box that sharon got together or it is like this every month. So please do not bash me or sharon if you do not get a box this full when you subscribe.

So Many Goodies like a Whole Packet of Ultimate Collagen, Laneige, OPI, NUXE, KOSE, ALL THESE AWESOME BRANDS ! WOOHOO! 

What's More, Perfumes for me to try out and BB Creams from Murad which claims to help Balance Oil Production on my skin, GREAT ! Im loving this box so much!

Thank you Sharon for the Beauty Box and it was such a pleasure meeting you.

Remember to check out StyleXStyle's Website here.
And Get To Know More About LBBB here.

With Love, M