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[F.T] Azur - A Taste of the Seven seas

The only place I wouldn't mind visiting everyday would be our Singapore's Changi Airport. I love to dine in the Airport with the Wide Range of Choices but little has been heard about the Hotel's Dining Options. Even I myself have not stepped into the Hotel for any dining options. So the question come, does Crowne Plaza's Dining Option not meet the expectations of the crowd?

I was invited by Karen(@Superfinefeline) for a tasting at Azur for their Premium Buffet Dinner Spread. The Restaurant will be launching its first edition of the Seven series, Feast of the Seven Seas, over a limited period of two weekends from 19 - 21 July as well as 26 - 28 July. 
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As it was my first visit to Azur, I took on a tour around the place and I am impressed with the live cooking Demo stations where the chefs do their thing right infront of your eyes. Talk about a feast for the eyes.

And with a Wide Selection, I was so tempted to try everything on the spread that day, but I had to control myself as I had to taste the special series later on!

Did I mention they have a cheese Section? ^^


Unlimited amount of Lobsters, Scallops, Muscles & Oysters will be available for the normal buffet times BUT! Fines de Claires Oysters, instead of Australian Oysters, will be available during the promotion period!

And also, I don't go home from a dessert without attacking the Dessert Table, :P Azur's Dessert Table Setting does impress me with the range of selection available.

The Gourmand Experience First Edition
Feast of the Seven Seas

Complimentary Mocktail: Which has Orange Juice and Honeydew. Refreshing.

Selection of Premium Chilled Seafood
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Diners get to enjoy a wide range of seafood selection from freshly poached prawns to Premium Oysters and Boston Lobsters to Fresh Muscles and Scallops.

Lobster Bisque with Tarragon Chantilly Cream with Herb Gougères
 Packed with Flavour, I could ask for another serving. Smooth enough for me.

Black Pepper Slipper Lobster

The Lobster was well coated with the black pepper sauce and the sauce was not too spicy for a lousy spicy eater like me. Fragrant and it made me crave for more!

Hawker Style Bamboo Clams
I felt that this dish lacks the freshness I desire, the meat was a little tough for me, Overall just an average to me.

Baked Whole Salmon with Seafood and Aromatic Spices served with
 Coconut & Lemongrass Espuma. 
Highlight of the night. Baked Whole Salmon with loads of Big Fat Scallops and Prawns Stuffed on it to ensure Diners a Wonderful Mouthfeel.

Every Bite in to the Salmon brings me up to heaven (well, sorta). Soft and Juicy at the same time, paired with the Coconut & Lemongrass Espuma, it's a totally different taste. with the Fresh Scallops and Prawns, this was the Winner of the night, In my case for that matter. :)

Baked Conchigliette Pasta with Shrimp & Mozzarella Cheese
Disappointing Dish I would say, Lacking of sauce for this seafood focused Baked Pasta Dish. I love my pastas, But It did not win me over. Talk to the chef and Im sure he has taken our feedback in.

Parisian Mussel with Fresh Herb Crumbles
Not a Fan of Muscles but this was good! Simply presented but full of flavour! 

I told you I could not resist the Desserts!

1st plate of dessert selection


Please do not miss this offer of such wonderful selection of Seafood and Desserts!

The Gourmand Experience First Edition
Feast of the Seven Seas
Date: 19-21 July 2013, 26-28 July 2013 (Dinner only)
Adult: $88.00++
Child: $44.00++
*Include a complimentary first glass of red/white wine or mocktail
**15% of total bill if reservation is made online

With Love, M

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