Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[F.T] Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionary

With the Hustle and Bustle of the city life, Its hard to find a place where we can enjoy reminiscing the past, or to enjoy our history, to experience the life our parents have gone through when they were young. I miss those Kueh Kueh that I use to get to eat at my Nanny's & Grandma's. Especially the 9 Layer Kueh Which I'm sure at least 50% of us peel of each layer slowly to consume it. Hah, Those Were the day.

So where is 1 place where you can still find good hand-made Traditional Kueh? I would Say Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionary. Located Super Near the famous Bedok 85 Food Centre, It's no harm to walk over to get your favourite Kueh first before having your dinner, Because Lek Lim Closes at 6pm daily.

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionary
Blk 84, Bedok North Street 4, 
#01-21, Singapore 460084
Tel: 6449 0815
Email: /

Operating Hours: 
6.30am - 6pm Monday - Saturday
6.30am - 2pm Sunday

I was invited down for a Experience on Making my own Ang Ku Kueh! Oh I jump at the Chance Immediately and I went with a friend and another blogger friend who was invited as well.

Here at Lek Lim, They Use Different coloured Dough to differentiate the different fillings in And Ku Kuehs, Which makes it easier for us consumers as well. 

When I got to get my hands on doing it myself, I infused both colours together to get the beautiful marble.

And While they look perfectly shaped and yummy, they are not ready to eat yet. Steam them for about 23-24 minutes first, and they will come out, chewy, glossy and yummy to your tummy.

Lek Lim offers a WIDE Variety of Kuehs, From this to 9 layer cakes, to carrot cakes, to popiahs, to soon kuehs and png kuehs. TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!

This is Pulut Inti - Glutinous Rice with Coconut Topping

Tapioca Cake, 9 Layer Cake, Kueh Here Kueh There Kueh Everywhere.

My Favourite Kueh is the Ondeh Ondeh ! Hahaha! Is it even a Kueh ?

Soon Kueh & Png Kueh and Jiu Cai Kueh. All of these kueh have skin that is not too thick and full of fillings.
Every bite is such a delight to me as I am a choosy eater for kuehs! :P

And also Glutinous Rice ! Their Version is very homely I would describe. Something you might crave some time along your life..

So Now You Know where to get your Handmade Kueh From! Head over to Lek Lim Now!

With Love, M


  1. how much is the kuei? eg. 9 layered kuei

    i also wana try making nonya kuei.

    1. The Kueh range from $0.70 - $1.20 like that.

      You want to visit them? I can email the owner for you ^^