Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LOL Season 2 - The Sam Willows Episode

Hey You! I bet you came to read my blog because of The Sam Willows Right? Even if it's not for The Sam Willows, You are still here to support me right? HAHAHA! Okay Lame. 

So, I attended my 2nd LOL Recording, and this episode, we have The Sam Willows, Cheryl Wee, Darren Tan and Adam Chen, together with Benefit Professionals, I would say it is a wonderful experience altogether.

First Up in LOL, we always have the Couch Interviews First, and Every Recording, we have different Guest on the HOT SEAT! This episode we have the Cast of MATA MATA, a upcoming new series on Channel 5, Be sure to catch it as Darren and Cheryl have a Romance in the show But the Twist is that Darren is acting as a Thug but Cheryl is acting as a Police Women! And Adam is acting as a cute character called "dua Jiak" which simply means Big Eater and not Big Sized and he is also a Thug! So Interesting!

And Mata Mata is airing right after the National Day Parade Broadcast! It is a period drama where they depict the story of the police in the 1950s . Be sure to catch it! ^^

Then we have the Benefit Professionals showing us the wonderful miracle product called POREFESSIONAL! Have you heard of it? It minimizes the appearance of pores and also helps combat "shine", which most often happen on our Oily T-Zone. :) It is a Wonderful Product, Everyone should Try It!
I had it on once as my make up base, and my face did not shine for 6 hours straight! YAY!
psst! Come for LOL Recording and you will get a Beautiful Benefit Umbrella and also a Sample of the POREFESSIONAL! Talk About Generosity! 

For the Final Segment, We Have The Sam Willows! YAY! *Throw Confetti Everywhere*
Beautiful and Handsome People with Talents, They are to die for! *wink wink* HAHAHA!
Just in a Short 1 and a Half Year Span of time, The Sam Willows have already Travelled to Many places and have also worked with Award Winning Producers! TALK ABOUT LIVING THE MOMENT!

I was totally into their performance and I must say I was Craving for more!!!
Be sure to check out The Sam Willows on their facebook and Twitter and Instagram! :D

So I'm feeling that you are getting a little jealous and envious of me, But nevermind, There is still 1 more recording tonight, so lets make it a FULL HOUSE and enjoy ourselves to the maximum!
Register at now !
Like LOL's Facebook page for the latest updates of guests and also, the next season's recording dates! OMG I CANT WAIT! See You!

With Love, M

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