Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coca Cola Slurpeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hello people! Im back to blog ! -hardworking- Well, I've been to afew places recently for some events and just go out with G. ♥ I went to a temple celebration, but i will post that up in a different post later!

Have you guys tried this? Coca Cola Slurpeeeeeeeeeee ! Quite nice ley ! Go try go try !

And I like almonds, so almonds with chocolates = MAJOR LOVE! ♥

This "studded" shoe here is my newly bought shoe from Fiore @ Nex. It costed me $39.00 ! I sound abit unhappy because the lady at the shop told me that it will expand after i wear it for some time becos it is leather coated inside, but like kanasai lor, I wore it out for 1 day for my outing with my boy and it hurt like f**k. I had blisters all over my leg. tsktsk ! I'm thinking isit my leg too big/fat for the shoe or what.. ): In the end have to give this to my sist. :/

 G's mum got him this tee shirt which is what me & G wanted to get for some time but couldn't find a nice one. Now im jealous i dont have SUPERMAN Tee ):

Dressed up myself for an outing with G, recently i like to pin my fringe like this cos there is this 1 irritating bunch/strands of fringe that wasn't cut properly.. lols. but I think i look quite cute here right? *bhb*

& it was sunny so I wore my $2 daiso shades out but it my fake eyelashes keep kana the shades. lols. Then camho abit at the bus stop since the sunlight so nice :)

This picture of me look like some of the pictures I used to see online, those "chio bu" with their shades and fake lashes. #OMG

This picture look like some tourist huh ?

Hah ! Good News ! Im getting my iphone4 this week ! Yay ! People ask me why dont want get 4S? Because, I scared #kiasi . Later the phone not so stable yet how ? I also heard siri dont understand Singapore Chinese, so buy also cant use it. Lols ! At first i was thinking of buying the Black(to match G's), or white. Then I decided on white cos it looks so much prettier! :P So me & G went to search for my first iPhone 4 Casing, there are just so many to choose from! I wanted to get the kate spade polka dotted one, but cannot match with G, so we went on searching. then we saw this yellow SGP case! Nice not Nice not? And there was just last 2 pcs left, so.... BUY LA ! Hahahas. Sorry the picture does not do it justice at all. lol #lousyiPhone3Camera

So, recently me & G also addicted to Flea markets, running to places that we have never been to before together, like *Scape & SG Flyer, lol. So we were looking around and we saw this small booth in scape which sells dust caps and it was only going at 1 for $3, 2 for $5 ! The uncle said it was couple special discount! Hahahas, he so nice! So me & G each choose 1, although I already have a yellow ribbon already. :P

That's All for the outing ~~ :D

Then Its back to work Monday! Lol.. & Im still addicted to 4sq! Hahas, so i created a location on 4sq for my meeting room and BAM it got me 12 points, like the highest i got for 1 check in so far! #happygirl92

Then my friend brought this Korean snack from home for me to try!

Look! It resembles the singapore the "Long Xu Tang" or dragon beard candy? Hahahas. But this has a harder outer case and the filling inside is peanuts and sesame! The aroma of the sesame just burst in your mouth when you take the first bite(although its quite easy to fit the whole thing into your mouth). Its definately a MUST BUY if you guys go korea! If you are kind enough can buy back for me also, okay? *wink wink*

And Just one more Snack! Seaweed !! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa ! Its roasted Seaweed people! Damn Damn Nice ! I told my friend that if she go korea must buy back 1 CARTON for me! Hahahas. Its damn addictive! & inside each packet only got 8 pieces): Not enough de lor!

Hahahs, Okays, I shall end here okays? Dont miss me too much ah ! I will be back ~~~