Friday, November 4, 2011

Lai Lai Casual Dining

I'm back to update you guys with more pictures ! I shall do a review of Lai Lai casual dining @ Nex !

Well , I went there with boyf for a meal yesterday as I had a super craving for the braised pork knuckle ! Hahas . So we went and surprisingly it wasn't that packed , considering it a weekday dinner time . So we were settled in and we quickly make our order as we were both hungry ! We ordered the whole day set meal B which has 2 choices of either braised pork rice or mian xian :3 with a side dish(in which I choose the braised pork knuckle) and boyf choose the Saba fish (: as for the drinks we choose the bubble milk red tea . Their bubble milk red tea is different from the type you get outside , can go try ! So our order came like 5 mins later which was very fast ! Then as a photo freak I started snapping pictures , despite my hungerness , after that ? Of cos is Dig In ! -omnomnom- almost couldn't finish my braised pork knuckle .. The braised pork rice was so yummy, compares to the one I had at my workplace. Hahas . The braised pork was a little on the fat side but it's was still yummy and tender . Boyf gave me a piece of his Saba fish , the part without the bone , hahas , so sweet . LOL ! The saba fish is fragrant and is quite fresh according to my picky mouth :P Was so full after the meal , the whole meal came to about $30 after the GST and service charge . The daily set meal cost $12.50 each . I would recommend if you like to eat pork or you just want to eat some Taiwanese food ! Hahas .

Take a look at the Picts !

Yummy Braised Pork Knuckles 

The green "thing" that many of us hate !

Yummy Red Milk Tea !

Their Signature Cute Cow

Braised Pork Rice ( Lu Rou Fan)

More Pictures of the Cow with its curly tail !


Side Dish - Saba