Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mini Shopping Spree !

Hey People ! I went on a mini shopping spreeeeeee Yesterday ! Woot Woot ! It was a public holiday so my family woke up early(surprisingly), so we decided to go Long John Silver for Breakfast. I had the Ultimate Chicken Sausage Sandwich. The bread was so thick & I was So full after finishing it. Then we went walking around East Point Mall, long time never go there walk walk already.. We wanted to go pet safari to see the doggies but they were not there yet. -.- so I suggested to go to the newly opened Daiso to Shop! Walked in Daiso for like 30 - 45 mins. Hahahas! But the many of stuffs were not restocked yet so there's like alot of empty spaces, its like as if Daiso was having a closing down sale. LOL 

My Yummy + Super Full Breakfast
My New Shoe ! $19 only ! From Bata !

My new sunglass from Daiso ! $2 only ! Chio not ? :)

Cute Popsicle Making Toy I bought from Daiso too ! I can has my own popsicle at home now ! :D

Thats All For My Shopping Spree !


Im addicted to Foursquare recently . LOL ! I just started like 3 days ago! Hahahahas..

I have Earn Some Badges ! :D

So many Badges to unlock !

Latest Check-In! Guess Where ? :D

Nature Shots ! 

I love the changing colours of the sky.

This was taken at first when i noticed the evening sky so pretty!
Then After like 5 - 10 minutes, the sky changed colour! It changed to Pink ! & i told my sister and she was like "Where's My Camera!? Where's My Camera!?" LOLOLS !

And to end off this post with a beautiful picture i took of the flower that i see everyday at the stairs beside the bus stop. :D