Tuesday, June 30, 2015



If you read my last post on White Sands - Sakae Sushi Outlet Opened, This is the 2nd stop that night, omg. Yes, we went to both shop in 1 night. Eat until almost cannot walk liao. Luckily I stay nearby! But Super thankful to the generous sponsors for the feast!

2nd Stop: THAI EXPRESS #02-04
(accessable via Lift or Staircase for now)
Although quite full from Sakae Sushi, But I still had some stomach space left for Thai Express's Offerings! Refreshing Mango Salad to kick start the round and crispy Prawn Toast 
Yam Mamuang - Thai Mango Salad 
Kanom Pang Na Kung - Prawn Toast  
Thai Basil Leave in Thai Cuisines is very common and this Spicy mince chicken with Thai Basil from Thai Express is very savoury and it goes damn good with the Rice!! Haha. My favourite dish at Thai Express is the Rice with Soft Shell Crab, Egg & Onion Curry! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dish to everyone to try! The Curry is a little sweet, and very fragrant, Simply heavenly.
Khao Gai Phat Krapow - Rice with Stir Fry Spicy Mince Chicken with Thai Basil 
Poo Phat Pong Kari - Rice with Soft Shell Crab, egg & onion curry 

Thai food is very exquisite, and I am very impressed with the Massaman Curry with Thai Style Pancake. It is made with more than 20 different ingredients and cooked for more than a day to allow all the flavours to be brought out. The chicken is so fork tender and the curry is very rich and aromatic but not spicy! Mmmmmm, No wonder it is Number 1 on CNN! WOW!
Massaman Chicken Curry served with Thai-Style Pancake
Dessert Time! Icy cold desserts like the Homemade green emeralds in the Lod Chong is very special. It's not too sweet but the Coconut milk is very fragrant and the mixture is very nice. The Thai Chendol is very SHIOK, the Gula Melaka very fragrant ley!
Lod Chong - Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong 
Thai Chendol (Chilled) 
Warm Desserts we have Tapioca drizzled with coconut milk! Oooooh, I love this one! Soft & chewy and warm, very comforting. And at every thai restaurant, must order is Mango Sticky Rice! Hehe. But the version at Thai Express is not the best I've had. I find the Sticky Rice not sweet enough, hehe, I have a sweet tooth.
Man Cheam - Steamed Sweet Tapioca with Coconut milk 
Kao Niao Mamuang - Sweet Glutinous Rice with Fresh Mango and Coconut Milk 

And now for the good news, White Sands now have very attractive Offers!! $1 LUNCH!! YES!!! Very Wu Hua Right! If you go to Kou Fu Cookhouse from 29 June to 28 July, between 2-5pm, you will be able to enjoy this Offer! Damn Shiok la, And every few days the offers change one, so you wont be sian sian every day eat same thing. Good la!

Next, Calling all Blogshop owners or Instashop owners! White Sands is going to have a Flea Market with Carboot Sale! Time to Sell your products or your pre-loved items! Maybe I shall go Sell some of my pre-loved clothes also, I got like 2-3 Big Bag of clothes to sell, also got my sister's clothes la, she is like FREE Sized one, so confirm got something for everyone! 
Then got Movie Night after that also! Jurassic World on 19th and X-men on the 20th! I want to watch Jurassic World!!!

With so many things coming up in White Sands, I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves. Haha! Very looking forward to the place I've been visiting since young being upgraded to a better place for everyone to enjoy. I'll be back with more updates soon!

With Love, M