Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Michhysaurous Travelogue - BATAM 3D2N December 2014 (PART 2)

Start of Day 2, Breakfast from the Hotel. Simple Fare but Yum Yums. Called for the hotel's Taxi services and while waiting, I saw that it was a beautiful clear sunny day! YAY! A Good sign for a good day, do you feel it ?

Arrived at BCS Mall , Not the biggest mall but also bigger than some of the shopping malls in Singapore! DUH.. 

Lunched at Hongkong Town because I was craving for chinese food and I saw they had rainbow dumplings (xiao long bao). Food was So So, but not very expensive la. haha. 

And in Batam, I Strongly Recommend you to watch Movies there! The tickets are below $4 and their seats and so spacious and so luxurious!! Best of all, not much people one, even on weekends.

And people always say to have seafood when you're at Batam, so we got our driver to recommend us a place for seafood. This place where he drove us to, had live karaoke night, which is something like out Ge Tai here in Singapore one. And also there are huge screens broadcasting live football matches one! So many guys here drinking and watching football! WOW.

There are so many stalls there, so we just anyhow picked and went with this SIAU MAY Live Seafood. Deliciously good dishes and Live seafood that are dealt with on the spot to ensure the freshness. The fish was the highlight of the night man! Delicious!! 

The Next day was go home day.. Went to starbucks to grab some coffee because I needed it. Prices are not VERY cheap la, but still cheaper than in SG! Hehe, I was tempted to buy the tumblers there though, but cannot because luggage had no space already. Hahahaha!

Went to kill time at the arcade and had a quick meal at KFC before heading to take our Ferry home. We did almost everything we could at Batam. Eat seafood, go for Massage and went to the major shopping malls! Good time to just relax and take your own sweet time around.

I'm not the kind who likes to join tours but you can always buy a groupon deal for a day trip in Batam!
Actually I just went on a Batam trip last week but there are not much photos and it was only for 2D1N. Made some new discovery and new restaurants too! Will update that in my Dayre I guess. :)

All the best in your next adventure. See you~

With Love, M