Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ZALORA - Work it in the office Girl!

I have to admit, I'm in the working phase of my life now. Everyday wake up, wash up, get out to go to work, after work go home or go out for dinner with friends then can discuss about women's office wear, like where they buy theirs and stuff like that. That's about it now for my life. But the 1 thing that makes me a little excited is that dinner time with friends or loved ones, then I can just relax and chill and look good at the same time. Haha. But we always got 1 Dilemma..

Hahaha, But worry not! If your wardrobe does not have THAT one piece that you think is apporpriate for that dinner after work next week + appropriate for work altogether, check out Zalora! I went browsing and I saw many pretty dresses that I feel that is suitable to wear to work but also suitable for a nice dinner after work!

Dresses are so easy to put on, no need to think of colour coordination or which top matches which pants. Just select base your mood of the day, feeling bright, feeling simple or feeling wild. All can be achieved with different types of dresses. Convenience at its best! Haha.

If your job scope needs you to wear pants to work, check out the mango Crepe Baggy Trousers. I believe its loose enough for you to squat but fitting enough to not look like some Hip Hop Pants! Haha! Well unless you work as Dance teacher or in the creative industry then Hip Hop pants to work should not be a problem also! Hahaha!

I see this tube skirt I quite interested ley, cos looks to me like it can be worn in 2 ways, as a tube dress for petite females or a Skirt for taller females. But this one I suggest to not have a big tummy like me la, if not later people mistake you as pregger then quite paiseh. Hahaha. But good investment la, the colour also easy to match!

A little sexier look then you can choose this new look open shoulder crop top with a high waist midi skirt? Also very nice for work or after work dinner appointments mah. Best of all, Weekends go out also can wear! Hahaha! So Versatile piece hor? Good Good!

Here's something with a little more details. Got Bling and pleated details! But it's not too loud until people think you walking fashion runway la. Hahahaha! Good to pair with the pair of the pants i intro above hor?

Haha, I tell you, this Zalora got ADs at so many places, it's like you cannot resist not to click in and browse through at WORK! Hahaha! But If you shop for Work Clothes, and combine orders with your colleagues then maybe wont get scolded! Or best is Get your manager involved!! :P Haha, So I shall leave you here, If you happen to read my blog during lunch time or what, just also go click to Zalora for Women's Office Wear! Haha!

With Love, M