Monday, June 29, 2015

Hiruscar - The Clear Gel to help you Clear up your skin!


I'm sure everyone of us have scars. Men, Women, Boy or Girl, Young or Old. And with the blazing hot sun in Singapore, It's very difficult to maintain a clear and spotless skin! My hands always itchy then like to go squeeze my pimple la, then become got a scar there for awhile then I get very scared because what if become permanent scar? But not to worry! I recently got to try something and I will recommend it to you - Introducing Hiruscar POST ACNE - The Gel for pimple scar and dark marks!

It's Features:
- Clinically proven 3-in-1 formulation 
- Non-Comedogenic (Means it doesn't clog your pores!)
- Hypoallergenic (Means it does not irritate your skin)
- Fast absorbing clear scar gel (Means it can be used under make-up, yay no more whitish cream on face!)
- Contains anti-bacterial agent [Pionin] to help prevent acne recurrence
- Suitable For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

 Means that we got solution to our skin woes liao!! It will help lighten dark marks on our skin and also have prevention of acne re-occurrance due to it's anti-bacterial formulation. It's fast absorbing so you no need to wait very long because it's not a cream! Hahaha. So Convenient! Want to get some to try?

Sign Up for an account with The Sample Store and get your hands on a sample of the Hiruscar PostAcne and try!
I love how sample store makes it very easy for us to get samples to try first before deciding whether to buy the full sized product anot! Go sign up ya! Share it with your friends so they cannot say #bojio! Hahaha!

With Love, M