Saturday, June 20, 2015

Panasonic Beauty Event with Bryan Gan Lao Shi


I was up and Early on a Saturday morning(which is VERY UNCOMMON!) to attend a Panasonic x beauty Event with Special Guest Mr Bryan Gan (also known as Bryan Lao Shi to his fans). Thank to my SDD Rosental for inviting me. I've known bryan on facebook ever since I add friend him like at least afew months back, But I've never gotten to know him more or attend any of his talks, so I was really looking forward!

First Look, Where got look like a man in his Fourties? Oops! He shared some of his youth retaining tips with us along with the usage of Panasonic's Home Beauty Products! Make me want to buy la! Then I can start locking my youth from now! Hahaha! So If I 40 years old, people might say I look like my 20s. Wah shiok!

Here is the Panasonic Facial Roller(Model: EH-SP32-S421), It come with dual head, the one in the picture is the Diamond shaped Roller which is Great for firming the face but also good for relieving muscle strain on your necks. PLUS! Bryan Lao Shi Personal Tip, To roll on your calfs, especially for ladies who wear high heels alot! Haha, but remember to wipe the Roller with antiseptic or baby wipes first before you roll to clean the device.

The Panasonic Facial Roller has another Attachment head, a flatter one. This one Bryan advise to use it to promote circulation on the face and also tummy to reduce swelling or some pigmentation. Do already can become more pretty and healthier! Yay! Best of all, the price is below $200 ley! Very Wu Hua(Worth it)!

Next is the Panasonic Eye Warming Massager (Model: Eh-SW50). This one is very suitable for usage before sleep because it has slight warming effects and it creates a little bit of steam to moisture the eyes area, accompanied with slight pulsing vibrations that helps you to relax and fall asleep. Sibei good for those with dark eye circle problems, dry eyes problems or even people with problems falling asleep, I believe this can help ley!

Bryan got very excited when it came to this Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer (Model: EH-SA31) because he said that he has been emphasizing the importance of Facial Steaming on his blog since 2005! It was his first post on the blog and he wish everybody could just take 5 minutes off from their routine to do a simple facial steaming at least 1-2 time a week! 

And as Bryan is a certified Aromatherapist, he came up with a way to infuse essential oils to your facial steaming routine which can help you to relax and also do some calming effects to your skin. As you can see in the photo, he stick the facial cotton which has a drop of essential oil on to the facial steamer. So when the steam comes up, the essence will also travel up together with the steam to your face.

Tips for Facial Steaming from Bryan Lao Shi: 
1-2 Time a week
5-6 Minutes MAX!
Face your face 20cm away from the water so you don't scald your face
Splash with cold water after the steaming session to maximize effect.

Here's me trying out the Panasonic Eye Warmer Massager. At first I was a little worried because my face very big then cannot use, but ok ley! Hahaha! Just nice fit! And the colour very nice also la, Pink and white. Very Girly! But you can also ask your husband or boyfriend to do la, so both of you can become more pretty and handsome! hehe.

This thing here(I know what you are thinking, me too), is the Panasonic Facial Cool Putter(Model: EH-SQ10) which you can use after you use the facial steamer to achieve maximum effects! Or alternatively you can splash abit of cold water on your face after steaming la, cheaper but also effective. Haha.

Bryan's Class is very interactive and it did make me feel great on a saturday morning. I've learnt alot of things from him in the short 2 hours time and bryan is very genuine and generous in his teaching. He shared with us a few tips to better health, I shall share with you here.

Cornsilk Tea
Take a small bunch of corn silk(as pictured below) and boil in water for about 10 minutes, cool and drink. This is good for Bloatedness and water retention.

White Chrysanthemum Tea
Put 6 flowers in a cup of hot water, infuse for 10 minutes, then drink.
This is good for our eyes.

Yellow Chrysanthemum is for Headaches

Baby Bud Chrysanthemum is for overall health Detox

Wild Chrysanthemum is for Detox, But cannot everyday drink, too Liang for the body.

Dried Longan with Shell / Dry Black Sticky ones
Boil 3-4 Longans in the evening and drink it.
This is good for Insomia and Skin Radiance

Thai Longan is more for desserts like cheng teng la. 

And Bryan ended the session with some simple exercises. It was definitely a fruitful day!

Thank you to OMY and Panasonic for the wonderful invite although it made me wake up early on Saturday morning! Hahaha! And if you are interested, check out Rosental's blog post for Discount!

Stay Beautiful, With Love, M