Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Part time jobs in Singapore for Students!


We all have that phase in life, during our schooling days or our younger days where having a part time job is really common and working with friends at these part time job is a BONUS! But if you are lazy like me, don't want to go out to find part time job, I always find my part time job online one! Haha, then here's a website for you to find part time jobs in singapore.

Hahahahahaha! Photo Credit: Google

And then sometimes you get so confused at the job Advertisements..
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Let me introduce this website to you.
Well, is a Singapore jobs portal project that is started out to help you! Yes you, Students la! No matter if you are 16 or 21, finding your part time job in singapore on would be the way to start!

Job Listings are Here for you to Filter and choose depending on your preferences.

Best of all, You can do this on the go! In the long bus ride home, or on the Mrt, or when you are relaxing your day away at a Cafe sipping your coffee. Just download the Stroff App and you can browse job opportunities anywhere! So Fear not for missing out any latest job ad!!

If you want to search for jobs on the Internet, Why not try out these keywords: part time jobs singaporepart time jobs for students for more precise search results! Haha. I wish you all the best to find a job that you enjoy and start building your career life! :)

With Love, M