Tuesday, June 30, 2015



I have been staying in Pasir Ris all my live, all 23 years of my life! Hahaha! I love staying in the East, We got so many things here! Got Beach/Park, Got Entertainment Center like Downtown East and got Chalets, and Best of all, Got MRT and Right Beside it is Shopping Mall! Haha! So everyday after work can go walk walk abit la, you know, need to relax abit. :P

So, White Sands recently undergone some renovations and they UP their game. They become more trendy, not sian sian anymore. Haha, sorry to say la, but last time Tampines mall feels better than White Sands, But no worries!! I was invited for the Preview session at White Sands and all I can say is, I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Photo Credit: White Sands
A group of bloggers like myself who stays around the area in were invited for the media preview event held at SAKAE SUSHI and THAI EXPRESS. It was a night of Feasting, Hahaha!

1st Stop: SAKAE SUSHI #02-01 
(accessable via Lift or Staircase for now)
We were very well fed by SAKAE SUSHI that night, Let me show you what we had, Everything was so fresh and good and so instagrammable! Hahaha!
Trio Carpaccio - Hokkaido scallop, Maguro and Salmon sashimi in tangy sauce
When we talk about Sakae Sushi, You will think of Sashimi, and Their Appetizers are really attractive and Photo worthy! Everything is so fresh, like the Trio Carpaccio, Very shiok to get the palate working! hehe. Then came the Salmon Zukushi and Hiroshima Oyster Shooters. The former had such thick slices of Salmon and the Oyster Shooters, well, only 1 word, GAMBEI!
Salmon Zukushi - Signature salmon creation platter
Hiroshima Oyster Shooters - Hiroshima oyster served in shooter glass
Gobo no Kari Age - Deep-fried shredded burdock root (background) , Deep Fried Squid with Mentai (Foreground)

Sakae's New Menu have also included localized flavours like OTAH! Yes OTAH!! They have Otah Katsu, Long Bean Otah and Otah Sushi! WAH!!! The Otah very nice la, then not too spicy also, cos I cannot take very spicy food, Haha! Very special ley, Good combinations, go try if you can!!
Long Bean Otah - Deep-fried otah with long bean wrap
Otah Katsu - Crispy breaded otah

Who here loves Japanese Rice? I know I do! Haha! *Rice Bucket Group* Sakae got so many options to choose from, but what If I want to try abit of everything? Sakae very thoughtful now, Because they offer MINI DONS!! Yes, Smaller portions of their Dons so that you can try different Dons or share with your friends so you all can try more things on the menu! YAY! 
Mini Chirashi Don - Assorted sashimi on sushi rice
Mini Negitoro Don - Minced tuna belly and spring onion on sushi rice

You see ah, this Sakae Don look damn appetizing please, The colour all so nice, I just feel like mixing it all up together to get a Fireworks coloured meal! Haha! Or if you don't take Raw food, try their Unagi Bibimba! Served in a Hot Stone, it ensures your Rice stays warm even after talking to your friends for like half an hour, And then you will get the charred bits at the bottom and they will be really crispy and fragrant. Ooooh, typing this now makes me hungry!!

Sakae Don - Sakae signature salmon assortment on sushi rice
Unagi Bibinba - Grilled eel with shredded egg and assorted vegetables served with subtly charred rice and miso soup

And then hor, The menu already so impressive, I didn't expect Sakae to have FONDUE in their dessert menu. I was like "WAH! Got Fondue meh in the menu?" But the fondue very generous la, you see got so many Liao(ingredients) for you to dip in the melted chocolate. After all the food before, This one confirm must Share one! And what's special about them are the Flavours of the ice cream(but you cannot choose de la)! Got Flavours like Matcha, Salted Caramel, Lavender, Sesame etc, Very special la when you dip them in the chocolate. I am very impressed with the Fondue! Haha!
Sakae Fondue - Quality chocolate dipping sauce for an enhanced richness coated over an assortment of ice cream, cookies and fresh fruit

That's all for the food introduction that I had that night, Looks really good right! 
And now hor, I share with you another good offer! The Soup Spoon Union #02-33 (just beside Sakae only) is sending you to Perth!! Well Sort of la, They are bringing you Flavours from Perth and at Soup Spoon and the Union has delicious Offers as well! 

So Many Delicious food at White Sands now, Siao Liao Lor, #Goodbyediet. But maybe it's a good chance to jio all my makan Kakis who stay in the east to come to white sands to makan together! Haha. And with more shops opening soon, Confirm will be spoiled for choices!! Check out White Sands on Facebook and Instagram and check the Hashtag #WhiteSandsSG on instagram!

Look out for my next post as I got some exciting news to share with you, Blogshop owners and instashop owners staying in the East! 

With Love, M