Saturday, September 29, 2012

My First VanityTrove! October Edition!

So I've changed my subscription from Bella Box to Vanity Trove, After reading some reviews and personally experiencing them myself! :)

So here's my first Trove ! October Edition!

Coupons + Vouchers + Etc + Samples...

The actual Stuff inside!! LOOK AT THEM!

Want firmer Boobs ? Or do you have unsightly stretchmarks on your tummy until you cannot wear your Bikini? This is your solution to those problems!! :)

I tried on the Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch!
I LOVE HYDROGEL Masks ! Its like all the nutrients melting into your face! Then it will feel like its super effective one!!! hahaha.

Some other products inside which i have yet to use! :D

I cant wait to try this out ! FOOT MASK RIGHT?
Super cool lor, I have seen people ravvvvvvving about foot mask but i have not decide on 1 that i want to try! Now that I have this, YAY LOR! Can Try liao! :)

So, I will post a review on these items soon after i have used them!
Please check back here hor! :) Okay, bye for now! ^o^ Have a Happy Weekend!